NCIS season 17 episode 5 sneak peek: Gibbs vs. a baseball

NCISIn this new NCIS season 17 episode 5 sneak peek article, we’re talking about a new adversary for Leroy Jethro Gibbs: A baseball. It invades his home, and yet, he’s not anywhere near as upset about this as he is with the majority of other invaders he has taken on there.

Why is that? Well, it’s not like this ball was thrown into his home by a terrorist or someone hunting down Ziva David. Instead, it was the result of a new kid in the neighborhood. When Gibbs first hears the smash and sees the broken window, you can see him (check out the preview below) move into “I gotta take down some bad people” mode … only to then change again when he sees the baseball. That changes once more when he sees the kid outside going to school. His name is Phineas, which is a pretty old-timey name for a kid that can’t be older than around eight or nine.

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Gibbs shows a great deal of kindness towards Phineas in this preview, asking him some questions and reassuring him that his badge and holster is because of his job. As Gibbs gets a call, the kid apologizes for breaking the window — and Gibbs tells him not to worry about it.

After watching this preview, we immediately had two separate reactions. Our first take was to think that Gibbs, Mr. Routine and a guy who loves going to the same diner and roughly the same spot in it, would be a bit more upset over someone busting his window. Yet, Gibbs’ house has clearly been through so much worse over the years (including the season premiere!), so he can’t be too mad at a kid for an accident. It feels clear that Phineas didn’t just go up to the window and break it out of malice.

Throughout this episode, Gibbs will get to meet more of Phineas’ family — maybe it’s a chance for him to show off his gentler, kinder, “I’m learning from my conversations with Dr. Confalone” side.

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Where will the adventures of Gibbs and Phineas take us on NCIS season 17 episode 5?

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