Goliath season 3 finale review: Did the shocking ending deliver?

Goliath season 3

We made it – the Goliath season 3 finale is here. Is it just us or did it feel like this season just blew by? These past few episodes have been beyond exciting and it’s brought us everything that we love about this show. 8 episodes is just not enough! When we last saw Billy he was in Diana’s secret tunnels and was drowning in rushing water that was flooding the tunnels. How is this all going to end?

Nothing to see here – move along!

When Stephanie can’t find Little Crow she goes to Diana saying that the last she saw of him he was going to meet with her and then disappeared. Diana says he never showed up which we know isn’t true. Diana had donated a lot of money over the years to Little Crow’s tribe and now that Wade froze all of her assets and she needs capital he’s refusing to help her. Anton was there when she killed Little Crow in the tunnels (which looked more like an accident – she did attack him but he accidentally was backed into a pipe that killed him). After Diana leaves Anton moves the body, but Billy comes into the tunnels and he’s forced to deal with this now too. Anton floods the tunnels sending Billy for a ride. Did Billy survive? After all the talk of Billy dying this season he surprisingly did make it out of this alive! The water flow lead him to a hatch the brought him above ground – and ironically it’s exactly where Patty and Brittany are investigating with the map and coordinates that Stephanie gave them.

After an exchange of information they realize that the Blackwood’s are stealing water from federal land, but is having the information going to be enough because Wade has had the tunnels blown up and collapsed. Nothing to see here folks!

Is there still a chance for Billy to win this?

Billy from offers Wade a deal which is to make this right with a settlement to everyone he took water from or Billy’s taking his discovery about the tunnels to court. Not only does Wade not take the deal, Billy learns that the judge that was overseeing the case is very close with Wade and has been appointed to the court of appeals (with some help from Wade). When Billy presents his evidence about the tunnel Wade’s attorney states that it was owned and operated by a shell company that was owned solely by Diana. Wade drove the bus over his sister and is using her as a shield because now Billy only has a case against Diana – meaning that this case with the Water Board is going no where once again and now Billy only has a few days left to come up with something.

As it turns out Diana didn’t end up killing her adviser (Rochelle), but she’s in pretty bad shape at the hospital when Billy and Patty show up to talk to her. In return for being moved to safe place (since Diana thinks she’s dead), she’s willing to share the only piece of information she kept on Diana’s secret tunnel as a just in case emergency. They strike a deal and she hands over a recording she kept of Wade admitting to Rochelle that he knows about Diana’s shell corporation and that every dime spent on the tunnel project will come out of that shell corporation so that Diana will be the only one implicated.

Billy brings the recording to Wade and plays it for him. Knowing that he’s facing serious jail time they come to a settlement agreement for Bobbi’s husband as well as everyone in the class action lawsuit. One of the terms of this agreement is that everyone involved is bound by an NDA and nothing from this case will ever be spoken of.

Somehow Diana hears the recording and poisons Wade’s drink, killing him. She then walks up to Billy and shoots him right in the chest. He’s still moving when the episode ends but that’s not something that is easy to survive. Afterwards as she’s driving, Stephanie comes up on her on her motorcycle and runs her off the road and into a cement wall killing Diana. Needless to say, a lot of body’s are dropping in the last few minutes of this episode.

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Now let’s talk about Marisol

With the class action suit tied up the one person that really got away with everything was Marisol. She was an important part of the water deal and as we know from last season a lot of other shady dealings. All of this has sat poorly with Denise to the point that she actually took a knife and moved towards stabbing her (a storyline we still don’t buy into). Denise wants justice, so Billy gave her the tools to get that. He sent her Marisol’s NDA agreement with the understanding that she doesn’t reveal where it came from – so she moves on it. Denise calls a paper and speaks to a reporter that wants to look into this further and after doing so it forces Marisol to resign as mayor. And it doesn’t end there! It looks like she could be facing some criminal charges as well!

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CarterMatt Verdict

So is this the end of Billy McBride? It feels like it might be. As of right now the show isn’t renewed for season 4 and all season long there have been strong undertones of Billy’s death throughout from Little Crow and other imagery. Billy is a deeply flawed character, there’s no arguing that, and if it was just that alone we would say that he’s not a character that was destined for death. However, when you add to that his profession (that creates a lot of enemies) along with some of the insanely dangerous positions he’s been over the past 3 seasons, could we envision a series finale where Billy dies? We could, and as much as we love Billy as a character it’s an ending that could make sense. He was still alive at the end of the episode, but being shot with no one around, the chances of survival don’t look great. We will say this though – the showrunners are pretty much daring Amazon not to bring this show back for a 4th season with a cliffhanger like this!

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