Goliath season 3 episode 6 review: How does Marisol fit into all of this?


Finally Billy is back in lawyer mode and we are ready to get off the drug trip and into some solid court room drama – the real question is will Goliath season 3 episode 6 deliver the goods? It has taken 5 episodes to set up the case, but most of this time has been spent with us going on multiple drug trips and not really gathering what’s needed to take down Wade and Diana who are being represented by Donald Cooperman’s firm. Billy is going up against his biggest nemesis and even outside of being drugged it feels like his head has not been in the game. Part of that might be him wrestling with guilt over Bobbi’s death since she came to him with this case and he turned it down resulting in her death, but it finally feels like he is all in now.

The hotel room

So we have been wondering for some time now why Billy has continued to stay at little Crow’s hotel knowing that terrible things are happening there and the beginning of this episode cleared some of that up – which we are thankful for because this was really not making much sense and they took a rather long time getting us here. His break up with Marisol has had lingering effects into this season (she’s even involved with the water issues and Cooperman in some way) where he has sold the house he had been holding onto as a home for his daughter and also for him and Marisol to move into and start the next chapter of their life together (and we all know how that worked out from last season). Obviously that went sideways and he doesn’t seem to want to be anywhere that reminds him of her, so that includes the motel he’s been living at and working out of. He’d rather be here, in hotel hell where he’s getting drugged and there are creepy affirmations of death on his bathroom wall. Clearly Marisol did a number on him and it’s not over. In fact it’s tied deeply into the case of this season.

The Marisol of it all

Wade is still standing strong with his story that he had a contract with the state about getting water, then the drought happened, the state didn’t deliver on the contracted water and Wade sued – really it seems that Diana was the mastermind in basically blackmailing the state into handing over federal water reserves to them giving the full control at that meeting in Big Sur. Any agreement between the state and the ranchers was going to need LA Metro’s approval and that’s where Councilwoman Marisol came into play – long before she was mayor. In fact if you remember Tom from last season who was behind helping Marisol become Mayor, he was even introduced to Marisol by Diana to help get the ball rolling on all of this. That’s how long and how intertwined this story is!

As far as the Water Board and the residents water being taken from them, Wade maintains that their water was never cut off and that it’s standard procedure during a drought for everyone to get an allotment of water to use cautiously and if they didn’t do that then that’s on them.

Billy and Patty’s main objective is to find out who the players were at that Big Sur meeting and getting them to break their NDA’s to help prove that Wade privatized a public resource. So who hold’s the privilege of the NDA’s? Well it’s the Tall Grass Farming company – in other words it’s Wade. Who signed these NDA’s and this agreement in Big Sur? Well Wade and Roy of course, Spencer and Marisol, (with Dolores over seeing all the signatures) but the one person that was there that organized this whole thing that didn’t sign anything was Diana. Keeping her hands as clean as she can while still pulling the strings and making money. The thing that Wade didn’t know (but he knows now thanks to Billy and Patty) is that Diana has a secret company that belongs solely to her that she’s been funneling money into. They thing that none of them know is that Dolores took copies of all the NDA’s when she was let go and she’s now willing to work with Billy anonymously with the return of protection. When he gets the NDA’s he sees Marisol’s name and everything gets very personal for Billy.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This is the episode we’ve been waiting for! Seeing Billy and Patty gathering their information, and watching Wade and Diana playing games with what they know and their secrets – when it comes to a great Goliath episode this is what we live for. All of the pieces are finally fitting together including how and why parts of season 2 were still playing out in season 3. Just how long this Marisol problem has been going on for and how dirty her hands really are. Best episode of the season!

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