Goliath season 3 episode 7 review: Billy pleads his case, Diana loses control

We only have 2 episodes left of Goliath season 3, but episode 7 feels like it’s set to keep this train rolling in all the best ways possible. We are firmly into the meat of the case now with Billy and Patty on one side and Wade, Diana, Cooperman and Marisol on the other. It’s another David vs Goliath type scenario and we are very curious to see if Billy’s side can win this time. If you remember in season 1 Billy had a win. In season 2 though it felt like pretty much everyone lost. Now with season 3 it’s anybody’s guess on how the chips are going to fall.

Diana and Wade implode

Now that Wade knows about Diana’s secret company, he’s frozen her assets and has basically sunk her Soop almond lifestyle company leaving her with nothing. Her friend and adviser (Rochelle) delivers the bad news and it sends Diana off the deep end where she tries to kill her adviser. Now we know just how far Diana will go when she’s pushed. We’ve already seen that in the past when she lost a job and drove herself and her two young sons off a bridge and into the water leaving one of her sons deaf.

Billy gets a win

Although he’s already seen the NDA’s and knows exactly who signed them he needs this information to become open for him to use in his case. He gets a win when the judge rules for Billy saying that Wade can take the stand and share what he knows. Wade wants to know if he can leave out that Diana didn’t sign an NDA, but he’s been warned that if he commits perjury then he’s on his own. If it comes out that Diana was there and didn’t sign that document then she becomes a risk not bound by law and as we saw at the start of this episode Wade just ruined her financially, so does she really have any loyalty left to her brother?

Wade on the stand

This is the big moment that we’ve been waiting for – Wade is on the stand, Billy has him in his cross-hairs and Diana showed up in court. Now Wade has the choice to tell the truth and sell Diana up the river (which in turn would probably sell him up the river depending on how mad she is) or he can lie to protect her and commit perjury. So how did it play out? Wade said he lost millions of dollars when the state restricted his water by losings acres of crops, that he sued the state and they struck a deal that gave him access to the water. He admits that he went to Spencer – the deputy of the state water department and someone Wade is happy to burn for this whole mess – and says that he gave Spencer a lot of money for the water. He gave Spencer “political donations” and that it’s all legal.

When the big question comes up about if someone was at this Big Sur meeting that didn’t sign the NDA Wade says that Dolores didn’t sign one, meaning she signed one not to talk about what happened there, but she didn’t sign one about the deal since she was not part of the deal. He avoids naming Diana without committing perjury. When asked who signed NDA’s Wade names off everyone that did including Marisol.

Then Billy pulls out the picture taken after they all signed the agreement and asks him who took this celebratory picture, to which Wade says he can’t remember. When Billy presses, saying that he’s going to call in the other three people that weren’t in the picture to testify about who did take the picture, Wade reveals that it was Diana and Billy has what he needs now since Diana didn’t sign an NDA and can legally talk about anything that happened at the Big Sur meeting.

So how did the judge land? In favor of Wade! He said that how Wade got control of the water has nothing to do with what Wade did with the water afterwards and everything that was presented was about how Wade got the water. After hearing this Wade’s lawyer asks to have Wade’s testimony sealed, no further disclosure of anything in the NDA and that the plaintiff’s are responsible for their costs and the judge grants all of their requests.

Is the end for Billy? Not a chance, he has 2 weeks to find something that is relevant to the case and while it’s not a lot of time, it’s still enough to make some magic happen. His first stop is to work something out with Stephanie and see if she knows what Roy was talking about when he told Billy that he was looking in the wrong direction when it comes to the Water Board. After thinking it over she decides to hand over the co-ordinates and the map she found at Roy’s house.

Wade, Diana and the tunnel

There is still the business of the tunnel that Diana was building on federal land that both Roy and Wade warned her not to do, but she did anyways. Wade warns her that tunnel is going to bite her when Billy finds out because every thread runs back to her. Diana is confident that Wade won’t say anything because it will hurt him too, but he doesn’t see it that way – instead she will be facing real jail time for federal crimes and he’s hoping that will keep her from testifying against him. When neither of them agree to back down, Diana takes a drive which leads Billy to follow her and it leads Billy to the tunnels. After she leaves he goes into the tunnel to find Little Crow dead… unfortunately it seems someone is still there and he hears the water turned on and the tunnel flooded with him inside.

CarterMatt Verdict

They are not slowing down when it comes to the end of this season and we are here for it! After a bit of a weird slow start to the season they have us completely hooked in and we only have one episode left for them to wrap all of this up. Is that even possible? Is Billy even going to make it out of that tunnel alive, because things are not looking that good for him at the moment. These are the episodes that remind us why Goliath is one of the best shows on television.

If we had one issue with this episode it’s about Denise actually getting a knife and going to stab Marisol. We get that she’s mad, upset, hurt and all of that has lead to depression and drinking, but violence? There has been no real build up to the Denise character taking a knife and being ready to stab someone. This whole story arc we are just going to pretend didn’t happen.

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This review was written by Jessica Carter.

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