Supergirl season 5 trailer highlights Midnight, new costume, Lena’s pain

SupergirlToday, The CW unveiled a new Supergirl season 5 trailer — and it’s one that features all sorts of danger and excitement! Oh, and there’s also a new costume thrown in here which is always fun!

What’s so special about Kara Zor-El’s new outfit? As it turns out, it’s not one that she has to wear underneath her work outfits anymore! It’s future technology, based on what Brainiac tells her — with that, she can make it materialize the moment that she needs it. Kara seems to be impressed by that — but, more than anything, it seems like she’s impressed by the fact that there are pants.

Costume aside, this new trailer hypes up some of the drama you can expect, and that includes the presence of Midnight. She’s a mysterious, dangerous alien, the sort that some people would run from. Yet, at the same time we’ve come to learn that Kara Danvers is afraid of no other individual. She’s ready to do battle with Midnight, no matter what that means. We don’t have any indication that she is going to be some Big Bad that lasts for the entirety of the series, but we could see her for a handful of appearances. She is the villain who will be taking center stage at least for the first run of episodes early on in the year.

Finally, there’s the Lena Luthor of it all. Lena learning that Kara is Supergirl was one of the big moments at the end of last season and that’s going to be an important part of season 5 early on. You’re going to see Lena do what she can to ensure that Kara feels some of the same pain that she does. She doesn’t want her to die, but she does want there to be some of the heartbreak that she’s feeling. There is a darker impulse driving Lena’s mind at the moment, but we refuse to believe that she is fully bad. With that in mind, there’s hope for her — just like there is hope for almost everyone within this world. Sure, there are supervillains, but even with them there’s always a chance for good to prevail.

Supergirl season 5 will be premiering on The CW when we get around to next month. Stay tuned for more insight!

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