Would Hannah Brown join Bachelor in Paradise 2020, post-Bachelorette?

Bachelor in Paradise season 5 premiere dateFollowing her time as the star of The Bachelorette earlier this year, is there really a chance Hannah Brown joins Bachelor in Paradise? At the moment, it feels like something that’s a little unlikely. Yet, we’ve learned within this world to never quite say never.

At the moment, what we do know is this: While not everyone loves Hannah, ABC loves Hannah and they have every reason in the world to. We are talking here about someone who drew them solid ratings and, beyond that, all sorts of publicity. She’s one of the most popular people on all of Bachelor Nation on social media, and she has already leveraged all of this into a spot on Dancing with the Stars this season. What we’re getting at here is mostly this: The network would probably love an opportunity to feature Hannah again, if she is single and open to it. We know that there are some clamoring for her to be The Bachelorette again, but Brad Womack is the only person ever in Bachelor Nation to get two kicks at the can. Doing Paradise feels a little more feasible, largely due to how it would leave the door open to another fresh face.

For now, Hannah herself is leaving the door open to a 2020 run on Paradise; here’s what she had to say in ET Online on the subject:

“Oh God. I don’t know. I mean, I thought I cried a lot [on The Bachelorette] … My mom called me and she was like, ‘They just won’t stop crying on this show.’ So I don’t know if I can do all the tears that I’ve been watching, but the drinks and the beach sound nice.”

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Hannah, technically, already appeared on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, albeit in a brief appearance where she did her best to comfort Demi over what was going on with her life amidst her relationship uncertainty. It was probably one of the more random moments of the season, and we feel like that was filmed while she was still engaged to Jed Wyatt.

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So while it’s far too early to know the answer for sure, do you want to see Hannah Brown on Bachelor in Paradise moving forward? Be sure to share in the comments, and remember to stick around for some more news. (Photo: ABC.)

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