Bachelor in Paradise sneak peek: Matt Donald’s kissing lesson

Bachelor in Paradise season 5 premiere dateIf there’s one thing that we learned from Bachelor in Paradise this week, it’s that Matt Donald is a little uncomfortable with the idea of kissing someone on television. It’s why production made such a big deal of him kissing Sydney for the first time! We don’t think that he’s necessarily inexperienced in love; however, there’s a difference between having a girlfriend in the outside world and getting mixed up in the romantic insanity that is Bachelor Nation.

Luckily for Matt, he’s going to have a little bit of help on this upcoming episode! In the sneak preview that CarterMatt has for you below, you can see Matt talking about his new love-triangle situation with Sydney and Bri both expressing interest in him. Yet, the prevailing critique from both women is that they’ve either initiated the kiss or there’s been some sort of awkward asking-for-permission first. This is, apparently, where Chase McNary comes into play! He comes up with the idea of using a pineapple with a face (we’re not making this up) to try and give Matt a kissing lesson. This is only the sort of stuff that can happen in Paradise … but for the record, this episode does not contain Matt making out with any sort of fruit. This is weird, but we’re not going into that weird a direction.

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If you do want to see some more information on what’s coming, check out some details for the latest Bachelor in Paradise episode below:

Tayshia and John Paul Jones are the envy of everyone, having nothing but fun. John Paul Jones thoughtfully arranges for something special for his lady as they go as King and Queen of the Paradise Prom. However, Matt is torn between Sydney, who is yearning for her own King, and popular model Bri.

In the meantime, Demi is having difficulty watching Kristian flirt with other women and wonders if she will be able to open up and offer Kristian what she needs. Demi isn’t quite comfortable yet displaying her affection in public, but will she be able to get over her own insecurities and fears and give Kristian, a physically affectionate person, what she needs to deepen their relationship? Will an unexpected date card reinforce their connection?

Finally, Blake faces what has been right in front of him all this time. He wants to pursue a future with his old flame Kristina. He invites her out but will it be a dream date or a nightmare?

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