Are You the One? season 8 finale sneak peek: Compatibility tests!

Are You the OneWant to know what’s coming up on the Are You the One? season 8 finale? There’s going to be a lot of drama coming up, but also a lot of fun!

In the sneak peek below, you can see some of the Perfect Matches on the show try to figure out if they are perfectly aligned via a task given to them. For some established relationships, this is a chance in order to see how close they really are. However, at the same time there’s something else to think about here — the stragglers. It’s not just about the Perfect Matches, since this is a chance for some possible matches to figure out whether or not they are compatible. It brings them that much closer to the truth, and the grand prize at the end of the show.

We’ll admit that within this preview, it’s interesting to see some of the newer perfect matches communicate. Take, for example, Danny and Kai. These two have only just started to recognize the relationship that they have — could this actually work? We’ve seen already this season that Kai has a tendency to make others emotionally implode, regardless of whether or not he means to. Danny could be a stable presence, someone who makes him feel more at ease and okay. Maybe the two’s differences are what makes them so strong.

Meanwhile, there is something that is cool and exciting about Jenna and Paige being paired up together — the two have been close to each other for a lot of the season and it feels like a classic case of “the best thing for them is the thing that’s been right in front of them this whole time.” Yet, they don’t do altogether well in this challenge! Consider this an oh-so-simple remainder of the fact that sometimes, it takes a little bit of time to get on the same page.

While we’re talking Are You the One?, are we not going to get a reunion show this year? There’s been virtually zero buzz out there on the subject and that’s disappointing, to say the least. Just remember that we’ve got here one of the most exciting and inclusive shows on all of TV — and we want to know how many of these pairs are ultimately still together.

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