Are You the One? season 8 finale preview: The search for final matches

Are You the OneThe Are You the One? season 8 finale is airing on MTV next week, and we don’t feel that we are too over-the-top in saying that the stakes have never been higher. There’s a relationship component to the show obviously, but that is something that can also be addressed after the show is over. We like to think that there is still a chance for all the Max/Justin fans out there! Just because people are labeled “perfect matches” for the sake of the show, that doesn’t mean that they are always right when you get people in this environment.

Yet, for the sake of the show and the prize at the end of it, Max and Justin are going to have to move forward and search for their Perfect Matches elsewhere. They’ll have to find out what is out there for them, and they need to act quickly! We’re in the midst of the homestretch and there’s only one more chance to get things right and there are a lot of potential couples still up in the air. That’s the case even with some confirmed ones — think along the lines of Paige & Jenna and Kai & Danny, who were each confirmed recently.

This final episode is going to be stressful, as there will be possibly more plotting and debating than ever before. Will these people pull it off? If they do, it’ll be kinda remarkable given all of the combinations of perfect matches there are this season — plus also the blackout that they went through a little bit earlier this season.

More so than the finale, we’re hoping for a reunion! We really want to find out who is together on the other side of this — we don’t have huge expectations since the majority of the matches on this show don’t work out. Yet, with some of the few that last for a while, it does become a sweet love story. It’s certainly something that MTV can point to as validation that their formula, crazy as it may sometimes be, does actually work.

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