Goliath season 3 episode 5 review: Billy does right by Bobbi, vultures circle Roy

Goliath season 3

Now that we have a bit of background on what happened between Bobbi and Billy when he turned down her water case, as well as what happened that night Billy blacked out and ended up at the casino with Janet, we are ready for Goliath season 3 to jump back into what’s happening in the present. Give us more on this water case!

Drugs and court don’t mix

Billy is ready to go to court with the class action water case, but before he leaves Janet gets room service and pressures Billy to drink some orange juice (good breakfast, good day in court!), which he does and then she finishes it. With this being the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas season of Goliath and every episode so far has had drug trips, it wouldn’t be an episode if there wasn’t another one! Of course the orange juice is spiked.

In court the drug trip kicks off as Billy is acting incredibly strange, seeing rainbow crows, the giant ceramic owl Bobbi made him and his pen turning into a worm on the desk. With all of that happening, Patty is left to try to defend her position, but the other side is claiming misconduct and soliciting clients for the class action lawsuit leaving Patty in the hot seat as the person committing these acts. When it’s Billy’s turn to ask her questions, he’s unable to function at all and Patty basically has to guide him through the whole thing explaining that they got their client (Violet) when Patty’s car broke down and she saw first hand the bottled water delivery – before the class action lawsuit came about. Just as the hammer is coming down on Patty and the class action suit getting thrown out Billy says that he will do it for free and there’s no issues with solicitation if it’s pro-bono. Why is Billy doing this? During his courtroom drug trip he sees Bobbi and wants to make things right with her and her death.

After this second bout of hallucinations, Billy tells Brittany (who has not had nearly as much of a role this season as we would like!) that he thinks he might have a tumor, and that something is really wrong. Not knowing what’s wrong with him gets him to admit to Brittany that he loves her, to which she responds by saying that she really cares for him too. After he hangs up the phone he takes the ceramic owl that Bobbi gave him and smashes it to reveal a key inside.

Stephanie gets a big surprise

Roy’s death rocked the farming community, but probably no one felt it greater the Stephanie who inherited all of Roy’s estate including his land and his house. Not even a second after she was told this, Wade was quick to let her know that if she’s looking to sell that land that he’d be happy to take it off her hands (in the most compassionate and caring way of course). Shortly after Diana comes to Stephanie asking for the land as well and she realizes just how valuable this land is and doesn’t want to sell it to anyone.

Diana’s bad day

Diana is not having a great day – After getting told no by Stephanie she then gets a visit from Patty where she gets told off for firing Violet and Gloria (leaving them homeless as well) over the lawsuit. Diana then presents Patty with an envelope containing information on her real birth mother to which Patty tells her she doesn’t want it (but a lot ruder and with a lot more swearing). Patty tells her to make it right and Diana does just that by dropping off a 20 thousand dollar check to Gloria (and later leaves the envelope with Patty’s birth mother information on her doorstep). She knows how weird this is so she calls Brittany for help. Later Diana and Wade have a huge fight over Roy’s land (which is kind of ridiculous considering Stephanie isn’t going to sell to either of them), and they are both feeling betrayed by the other since they both went to Stephanie in private to buy the land without speaking to each other first.

The cherry on Diana’s already miserable sundae is that Stephanie told one of Diana’s sons a hard truth about their mom. They were told that when a car smashed into them when they were younger, drove them off the road and they almost drown that it was an accident, but it seems that Stephanie confirmed that it wasn’t an accident and that Diana tried to have her adopted sons killed. Instead of her grown adult sons really standing up to her about it, some how this got turned around on them and they ended up feeling bad and guilty that they failed their mom on some level. There’s clearly been a long line of abuse from Diana on these boys (now men) as she is still giving them the strap as adults (making them choose who gets hit and who watches) and they are allowing it. Incredibly difficult but powerful scene in that it shows just how afraid everyone really is of Diana and what she’s capable of.

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CarterMatt Verdict

It’s time that we pose this question: Why hasn’t Billy left this casino from hell? He knows something’s wrong, he’s been drugged, he’s written death threats to himself, he’s confronted little Crow about it and knows it’s happening – this place is a disaster. Are there no other hotels he can go to? Can’t he make the drive back out there when he needs to return and not stay there? This is like living in a horror hotel! Instead of leaving he’s actually going back again, but this time claiming that his eyes are wide open and he will be watching them. As much as we are enjoying aspects of this season, some arcs just aren’t sitting right and this is one of those things.

At least we finally saw the sharp shooter Billy back in action at the end of the episode confronting Spencer about privatizing public water. This is what we live for when it comes to this show and we are ready to move into this fight with Billy. Let’s leave the drugs in the past and bring back some of what made season 1 of Goliath one of the best shows on television!

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