Instinct season 3: Why isn’t it happening over on CBS?

InstinctFollowing tonight’s finale, it makes sense to be enthusiastic and interested in an Instinct season 3. If you watch the show, why wouldn’t you be? We’re talking here about a fun, entertaining crime drama with memorable characters and twists and turns around every corner. We love a good mystery show, and we do think that there was potential for so much more here.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. As we reported previously, CBS is canceling this show after two seasons on the air. What’s the reason for that? It is the same reason that so many other shows over the years end: Low ratings. The tough reality when it comes to shows in the summer is that they’re very hard to sustain. There aren’t a lot of audiences available, and there are an abundance of viewing options these days. Think about Netflix and Amazon … and also remember that there is so much more to come insofar as Disney+ goes. CBS is going to have to work overtime in order to ensure that some of their shows are still successful.

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Of course, you can claim that there are reasons why the ratings were what they were — it’s not so simple as that there weren’t a whole lot of viewers around in order to watch the show. You can also look towards the scheduling of the show, the lack of a suitable lead-in, the promotion, and more. Heck, you can even look towards the show’s title — Instinct as a name just doesn’t give you all that much of an indication as to what this show is about.

We’d love to say that there is a chance at a season 3 elsewhere and anything is possible — yet, given that CBS confirmed in promos that tonight is the series finale, we have a hard time thinking that this is going to happen.

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