Goliath season 3 episode 2 review: Did Billy see too much?

Goliath season 3The Goliath season 3 premiere gave us a good sense of what the story is going to focus on and it’s all about the water wars going on in Central Valley California. With a water shortage going on for years because of the California drought, some farmers have take to drilling for water and sucking it out of the land. This is causing the land to be unstable and giant sink holes to appear. In one case it killed a friend of Billy’s and because of that, the case has become personal.

The troubles with drilling

When we last saw Billy he was wandering around outside his hotel and starting to wander towards some bright lights and people drilling. He was knocked out and taken to an almond wellness facility (yes, you read that correctly) where he was given a shuttle back to the casino he was staying at. What Billy doesn’t realize is that he ran across Wade’s sister’s (Diana) drilling site and it’s on federal land. Roy is getting nervous, because she still needs to move that water through his land to get it out and if they get caught it’s a federal crime. Wade reminds him that all of this is going to make them all rich, but Roy says that his sister’s ambition is going to be all of their down fall. Wade tries to talk to Diana, but she’s not hearing it.

Billy is digging into the water situation further learning that there’s no real claim on water like there is on land, so if a farmer can drill down to it and get it, they it’s theirs. He does learn though that the corporate farmers there use more water then the entire city of Los Angeles! So what that all means is that Billy is going to have to find another angle because wrongful death might not be possible, unless Patty can come up with something after meeting with the Water Board.

Don’t ever change Patty

Oh how we have missed us some Patty! She is one of those characters that cannot be replicated. The writing for her is incredible and Nina Arianda plays her perfectly, so when we saw that we were getting a nice big Patty story in this episode we were thrilled. As we mentioned she was on her way to speak to the Water Board, but when a tortoise forces her off the road and pops her tire she finds herself at the mercy of a stranger named Violet. Patty’s adventure with Violet was eye opening for her as she learned that there are people who live in the area with no running water, that means no showers, no flushing toilets, and no water for cooking or washing dishes. They get a few cases of bottled water and squeeze that the best the can since they can’t sell these houses – who’s going to buy a house with no water?

Patty’s adventure ends with no one being at the Water Board when she arrives and then someone from the almond wellness facility (the same person that helped Billy) arrives with her fixed car – even though she never called them for help.

Billy digs deeper

He’s not getting anywhere with the Water Board so he enlists the help of JT who befriends the woman who works there and is able to get some files that will really help Gene’s case. They learn that in the 80’s when there was a 6 year drought and the ranchers were affected greatly so when it happened again the ranchers threatened to sue the State and instead of going to court they arranged a secret closed door meeting where somehow the ranchers ended up with full access to the State’s water bank. Now if Billy can prove that the big ranchers are distributing State water unfairly then he can turn Gene’s case into a class action lawsuit. They pitch the idea to Gene and he agrees, but as Billy gathers more information, Wade’s people are watching everything.

Billy faces Marisol and it goes no where

If you thought that the brief news break we saw with Marisol getting engaged was the last we were going to see of her, well you’d be wrong along with us. Billy attends a party to try to talk to Wade and who shows up? Marisol! We aren’t sure why she’s back or how she’s tied to this story, but everything this show does they do with reason, so even though this conversation may seem small, we suspect it’s not.

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CarterMatt Verdict

So far this season feels like one big drug trip and there’s a good reason for that. There is a lot of drug use going on! In the first episode we saw Wade and Roy go on a drug trip that involved Wade singing to a bunch of versions of himself and now Billy’s been drugged where he’s seeing a giant moon growing. Goliath has changed a lot since season one and a lot of what we loved about the show is getting lost in a sea of other stuff so far this season like it did last season.

We love Billy when he’s thinking outside of the box and putting the pieces together. This version of Billy feels a lot like last season’s version where he’s feeling more lost then anything – that is until we get to the final few minutes of the episode where the Billy that we love shows his teeth to Wade! More of that please.

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