Goliath season 3 episode 3 review: A rival from Billy’s past emerges!


Billy and Wade know the war is coming – He made it clear to Wade at the end of the last episode of Goliath that he was coming for him and we are ready for it!

Diana’s reassurance tour

Patty is trying to gather as many people from town as possible to talk about the class action lawsuit. Someone who has taken notice is Diana and she’s followed up with Patty to try and assure her that she is just on the creative side of things and has no idea what her brother Wade has been doing to survive the drought (way to throw him under the bus there Diana!).

Diana is clearly getting nervous because after her talk with Patty she drove over to Gene’s house to talk with him as well. She wants to convince him that the class action lawsuit will just leave his wife’s memory lost in a sea of faces and money and at the end of it he will still be in that house with his grief. She’s working the angle of getting him to leave it all behind and move forward into a new life and it works. He tells Billy that he doesn’t want to be part of any of it anymore – he blames Billy for his wife’s death saying that she came to him with this case about the water before she died and he didn’t take the case.

Unfortunately Diana’s tour isn’t all roses, when she receives a visit from Roy who is “officially” threatening her. He’s learned that her dirty tunneling water project has reached his property and if she doesn’t stop he’s going to Billy with what he knows. Anyone else expecting Roy to suddenly turn up dead?

Diana stops drilling into Roy’s land temporarily and gets little Crow to take care of the situation. For some unknown reason Roy decides that after threatening Diana that he should have enough trust to go back to little Crow’s drug den. He just told Diana they are no longer on the same side – would he not think that everyone else involved in this deal would be out to shut him up? Little Crow made him a deadly concoction of drugs that killed him shocking absolutely no one except Wade who is devastated thinking that his best friend had a heart attack.

Stephanie (little Crow’s daughter who is a friend of Roy’s) informs Billy of his “heart attack” and also that Roy was having her keep track of some numbers that were being delivered to little Crow. She doesn’t know what the numbers mean (we do – they were coordinates on Diana’s drilling and that’s how Roy learned she was drilling on his land), but she does know that little Crow and Wade were up to some shady stuff.

Town Meeting

At the town meeting Billy explains to the townsfolk what the class action lawsuit is all about – that the Blackwood Water Board controls the water and during the drought they took the water from everyone in the town and gave it to the ranchers. While it makes everyone mad and they want their water back the attorney from Blackwood Water Board shows up and they are reminded that they all employees in some way of Wade and should be worried about getting fired for suing their boss. When no one moves, the attorney starts taking pictures of the people there and everyone scatters.

The biggest surprise of the night? Donald Cooperman is back and is representing the Blackwood Water Board! This is exactly where we have wanted to be with this show! Revenge!!!

With Gene out of the running and everyone in town too scared to be part of the class action law suit, Billy and Patty settle on Violet to be their plaintiff to take on the Blackwood Water Board and she agrees.

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CarterMatt Verdict

There was a lot to like about this episode, especially the appearance of Donald Cooperman! Season 1 of Goliath stands the test of time and the reason for that is because of the intense hatred between Donald and Billy. We have been enjoying the back and forth with Billy and Wade, but bringing in Donald as Wade’s representative just adds another delicious layer to this season.

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