Goliath season 3 episode 4 review: Dude, where’s my little crow?


What is going on with Billy’s memory on Goliath season 3? There have been numerous people that have mentioned to him that he’s been at the casino he’s been staying at before with his wife, and when Janet shows up there she reminds him that they were there together before. He’s drawing a complete blank on ever being there before and as exciting as the Blackwood water case is, this mystery really has us hooked!

It’s a flashback episode!

Instead of throwing us back into Billy’s missing memories this episode started off by giving us a much clearer perspective on Billy and Bobbi’s relationship as we have a flashback episode from when she came to him for help and everything that happened afterwards.

As Gene said she did come to Billy before she died asking for help with the water shortage and the shady nature of it all. He did turn down the case as Gene said, but it may not have been only because he felt he didn’t feel that he was knowledgeable about the subject to fight the case well. We learned that he wanted them to take off together and she fled without saying goodbye. He reminds her that she knew how he felt about her and Bobbi tells him that she didn’t know – he never told her.

The casino

Janet shows up to Billy’s place saying that he told her to look him up when they got back to America and she did! She needs Billy to give her a ride to her cousin’s house to collect the $2000 he owes her so she can get back on her feet. When they get to her cousin’s place he doesn’t have the money and instead takes Billy and Janet on another crazy adventure where he ends up at a trailer, drinking home made booze/drugs while her cousin gets the money from a bunker (anyone feel like we are watching season 2 again?).

The drink that Billy had causes him not to remember any of that night that includes Janet getting her money, trying to take him to Applebee’s in the middle of the night and ending up at that casino where he meets little Crow for the first time. Janet can’t stop gambling – She ends up winning $50,000!

Billy sees Wade for the first time looking kinda shady (cause he is) talking to a guy named Spencer and he sees Stephanie having a meal with a guy, but the part that hit Billy was that little Crow told him that his death is closer then he thinks and that the last person he will see before he dies is himself – which is what he scrawled behind the mirror of his current room at the casino while Janet was having a party in the room with her winnings. Spencer shows up to the party proclaiming to be a rich water god (to say he’s obnoxious is a bit of an understatement), but clearly he’s part of this whole water mess.

Janet can’t stop gambling and while Billy is asleep she goes downstairs and blows pretty much all of her money except some money that for some reason is burnt. She rushes into the hotel, packs up everything and rushes Billy out of the casino. She tries to drive them home, but stumbles upon the water drilling – Billy’s asleep and sees nothing.

When Billy gets home he picks up the phone to call Bobbi as something else little Crow told him is sticking with him and that’s the part about a friend reaching out for help. Gene picks up the phone and Billy decides to hang up – a decision he’s clearly going to regret.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Every single episode of this season has turned into some sort of drug or alcohol infused trip and we aren’t sure why the show needed to turn into a full season of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Why did this show move so far away from the legal aspect? There are few really good law shows out there and most that are trying are getting canceled (The Code only lasted one season). We are hoping the second act is going to bring us full circle back to the case at hand which we are completely invested in.

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