Animal Kingdom season 4 spoilers: The conflict for J, Pope ahead

Animal Kingdom season 3As we look towards the future on Animal Kingdom season 4, there is one word to describe the relationship between J and Pope: Shattering. It’s little bits of broken glass that probably won’t fit together again and even if they could, it wouldn’t look or feel the same.

The relationship that these two men had now is down the drain, and it’s largely due to decisions of J’s own making. His actions when it came to Mia and Tupi led to Deran and Pope getting hurt. Meanwhile, J interfered with his relationship with Angela in terms of leading her towards a relapse.

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Shawn Hatosy knows Pope better than almost anyone — he’s played the character through four seasons and, to go along with that, he also directed this past episode. He’s aware of the broken state of his relationship with J and, when he says that it may not get better, we believe him. Take a look at some of his latest comments via TVLine:

He doesn’t give a lot of people second chances. And J really blew it with the Chronic Dread Fest robbery. He’s making a lot of mistakes, actually. I think people want J to be the leader, but that’s a huge mistake. There are so many rules that he breaks. And Pope sort of lays it on the line with J and gives him a pretty concrete boundary that he steps over with Angela, with the lies. So I think the future’s looking pretty bleak for J and Pope.

Given that Animal Kingdom is a show at its core about the whole family, we have a hard time imagining J and Pope disappearing from each other’s world forever. What we could see through the end of the season is a widening of a rift … one that it may take until season 5 to be patched up. Luckily, we already know that there will be a season 5 and that helps.

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