Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 12 preview: ‘Ghosts’ from the past

Animal Kingdom season 3Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 12 carries with it the title of “Ghosts,” and because of that, the story is coming full-circle. By “story,” we mean the story of Smurf as told to us through most of the past.

For most of the past couple of months, you have seen flashback sequences that give you a sense of Smurf’s early years — where she came from, what she was doing, and also how she came to be a mother. We’ve also gotten a sense of gold collector and apocalypse-prepper Jed, who looks to be at the center of the final heist of the season. Smurf’s gotten a good lay of the land and because of that, she can now get her crew in there on what is best described as an extraction mission.

Since Jed is (technically) family, don’t you think that this would be a problem? In some ways, yes … but it’s Smurf. She isn’t someone who cares about this sort of thing. Also, Jed’s not exactly a friend and he’s not going to be the sort to call the cops.

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Below, CarterMatt offered the Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 12 synopsis with more information on what’s ahead:

The Cody family sets off on Smurf’s mysterious heist, unaware of the surprises that await them when they arrive, which will change the family forever.

Here’s the big question that we wonder: How many more surprises are there really going to be when the family gets there? Also, is Smurf in the present going to have all that much of a role? It’s a weird thing, given how much of a focal point Ellen Barkin is on this show, that she hasn’t been featured more prominently as of late. Sure, the past Smurf stuff has been compelling — including what happened to Colin tonight — but there’s no real substitute for having Smurf front and center in the present.

This is the penultimate Animal Kingdom episode of the season, so be prepared for things to get very crazy very quick.

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