Elementary season 7 episode 12: Did Sherlock fake his own death?

Elementary season 6Tonight, Elementary season 7 episode 12 set the stage for an epic finale — and it’s already clear that it will be decorated with drama.

How much so? Well, some of it is going to start with the notion of Sherlock Holmes wanting everyone to believe that he is dead. He and Odin Reichenbach were at the center of a violent showdown on the walkway tonight, one that ended with some gunfire. On the other side, though, no body was found. Odin was arrested for his murder, but he claimed that Sherlock was going to kill him and that Odin did what he did out of self-defense. He knows that he is a billionaire, just as he also knows he is dangerous.

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Here’s where things get a little be crazy — in the closing minutes, Sherlock emerged ready to buy a new place for himself, seemingly in Italy. Why do this? Well, a lot of it may be him thinking that this was the best way to ensure Reichenbach was brought in for good. He could fake his own death, ensure that Odin was charged for murder, and then go away and live a new life elsewhere with a false identity. The one problem with this is simple the fact that Odin is going to fight and we’re not sure Sherlock’s plan will work. He’s going to do everything that he can to ensure that he doesn’t go to jail, and given that Elementary isn’t the same without Sherlock and his crew together, we imagine that there are going to be some interesting story here to tell.

The hard part of all of this is seeing how despondent and sad all of Sherlock’s crew were on the other side of his “death.” They don’t know the full story and don’t realize that what Holmes did here was just a part of him continuing to deceive in the best way that he could. He wanted to get what he could and found that this was the best way in order to properly do so. He sacrificed his life and the people he loved, all for the sake of the “greater good.”

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