Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 video: Angela reveals ‘everything’

Emily DeschanelWhy did Angela turn up on Animal Kingdom season 4? Based on the sneak peek below, we’ve finally got a handful of answers.

In this video (via TV Guide), you can get a good sense of how Emily Deschanel’s character decided to stay at Pope and Smurf’s place in the first place. After Pope dragged her to a narcotics anonymous meeting after her recent relapse (provoked by J, seemingly), she admitted to the group that she knew Julia was dead before she ever even turned up at her old friend’s home — she had heard that while behind bars. Instead, she was hoping that she could get a big sum of cash from Smurf similar to the one that Smurf gave Julia in the past. (Smurf did offer Angela money to stay away, but it clearly wasn’t enough money.) She then claims that she seduced Pope as a means of sticking around and having herself a home. That’s her story, at least the one that she is perpetuating here — she used Pope.

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But, is this the full story? That’s a part of what is fun about this show and about this character. We know that Angela was in prison for more than she has let on, so we don’t think that we can look at Angela’s statement to Pope here and think automatically that she is being 100% honest when she’s not. There may be more going on here than what we are aware of right now.

By the end of this Animal Kingdom episode, we do anticipate more answers — it’s hard not to when the title for this episode is “Julia.” There has to be more backstory here in terms of what she was like and how she factored into much of this world. Also, to go along with this we’re anticipating a little more news in regards to Smurf and Jed.

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