Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 promo: Is Adrian or Angela leaving?

Animal Kingdom season 3As we approach Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 on TNT Tuesday night, departures are in the front of our mind. It is pretty hard for them not to be. Just think about the way in which this past episode ended! It is looking more and more like Adrian’s life is potentially on the line, mostly because of what Smurf now knows about him. She recognizes he is talking to the cops, and because of that, she wants to cover the family’s tracks.

So what exactly can Deran do in order to protect him? There’s really just one thing, and that is tell him to run as fast as possible. In the promo below for Tuesday’s episode, you can see him doing just that — issuing a warning to get out of Dodge sooner rather than later. It’s up to Adrian to decide what exactly he wants to do. Deran obviously isn’t going to kill him, but he knows that if he does nothing, Pope is eventually going to come for Adrian’s head. That is a pretty big problem. Therefore, telling Adrian that “if he stays, he’s dead” is really the only option that Darren has.

As for who else is in danger, you really just have to look towards Angela. Think a little bit about what happened with her and Pope at the end of this past episode. Pope found her, and on the other side of finding her, he quickly realized that she has relapsed. While it seemed as though he was casting most of the blame on to her, that may change when he finds out some of the circumstances around it. He might still want Angela out, but if she isn’t someone who departs the show Tuesday, it could be J instead who has the spotlight focused on him. It seems based on the promo that Pope is going toe-to-toe with J, but this could be a signature case of a television show misleading us.

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By the end of this episode, we fully expect to know where everyone stands that much more. We are close to the finale, and we’re starting to think that the main event there could be this, extensive job that Smurf is trying to pull in regards to Jed’s property. There’s no indication that that is coming on Tuesday, though that may be some misdirection on the part of TNT.

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