Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 preview: Could Pope come after J?

Animal Kingdom season 3As we approach Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 coming to TNT next week, we’ve got a few things to wonder. What’s one of the biggest questions? Let’s just say that it revolves around the status of Pope and J going at each other.

During tonight’s new episode, Pope learned that his new/former love interest had relapsed. Yet, the more that he finds out, the more that he may suspect that this was not via some accident. Instead, it just so turns out that this may have been J who orchestrated the whole thing. Don’t you think that this is going to cause some problems? This may have been J’s act of revenge over what happened to Julie, but Pope may not see it that way.

By the way, this upcoming episode is going to be entitled “Julia” — the ghost of this character is going to loom large.

So what’s coming up in terms of the story in this episode? Check out the full Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below:

Pope grows suspicious of J when Angela reveals the circumstances of her disappearance; as the threats against Adrian loom larger, Deran scrambles to find a way out; Craig navigates new complications in his relationship with Renn.

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Beyond the J – Pope story, what else is notable? We’d say that it has to do with Deran and his survival. After all, it’s not looking altogether good right now. At the end of this episode, he learned that Smurf knew about what his boyfriend has been doing with the cops. All of a sudden, he has to find a way to protect him where there may not be a way in which to ensure that this happens.

Before this episode comes to a close, we should get a chance to see where everyone stands … and also if anyone lets Angela out of the bathroom. She’s currently stuck there and may continue to be for a while.

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