‘The X Factor’ USA: Time change for Jillian Jensen – Emblem3 reveal

The X Factor LogoEven though we already know most of the singers advancing into the top 16 on “The X Factor” courtesy of the Canadian broadcast, the loyal viewers in America were a little less fortunate earlier this week courtesy of the baseball playoffs forcing Fox to juggle their schedule around like it was a hot potato. With that in mind, the fate of such contestants as Jillian Jensen, CeCe Frey, Lyric 145 (a favorite of former “American Idol” star Jessica Sanchez), and Emblem3 are still unclear to those who are trying not to look at the spoilers ahead of time.

We’ve already reported that the show was going to air Tuesday night, but now there’s some surprising news to go along with it: Fox, for whatever reason, has decided not to air the show until 9:30 Eastern time following “New Girl.” With that, it is ironically preempting a show that preempted “The X Factor” in “The Mindy Project” Wednesday.

The show is being cut down to an hour to give the results in a speedier fashion, which is actually something that should have been done to begin with since there was really no reason to share effectively five minutes of results in an 120-minute show. It’s still a strange move to start the show so late, mostly because Fox is extending their own lineup half an hour to make this happen; however, you could argue that this is a move being made to keep “New Girl” on while also keeping “The X Factor” from getting smashed by “The Voice.”

Following this show, be ready to wait until Thursday, November 1 for the first live performance show of the season, and from there it will run live presumably up until we get close to the Christmas holiday. As for how the show plans on narrowing down the field from 16 to 3 in such 6-7 weeks, that is a good question … especially when “American Idol” gets basically ten at the top 12 reveal until it airs its finale.

What do you think of the strange scheduling for the show yet again? If you want to see a new music video featuring Jillian Jensen, you can do so here.

Photo: Fox

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