Bring the Funny video: Andrea Lopez’s Kourtney Kardashian impression

Bring the FunnyWe’ve heard plenty of Kardashian impressions over the years and we’ll be honest — most of them are terrible. Andrea Lopez on Bring the Funny Tuesday night does something different and it’s impressive to watch.

It’s so easy to just go with the lowest-common-denominator with a Kardashian spoof and paint Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney as complete airheads with no substance. Saturday Night Live has done that more than we can ever put into words. While you do want some vapidness in there (these are people who think constantly in terms of followers and money), you need the proper cadence and the right demeanor. You need to be able to capture some of the style in which they speak and how they perceive the world around them.

In the sneak peek below from tonight’s episode, you can see Andrea do that. She frames her act around an Entertainment Tonight esque news show hosted by some millennial named Chad showing various clips of celebrities. Her Kourtney gets a valuable seal of approval from Chrissy Teigen and, from there, she also gets some laughs with her take on Sofia Vergara. We’ve heard some really fantastic impressions of the Modern Family star before, so that one doesn’t pop off the screen as much.

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In terms of talent, Lopez has it in droves — she’s funny and we appreciate the production that she put into this, going so far as to wear the right outfits for the imitations. Moving forward, though, we want to see her do some more live. Impressions are not something you see all that much outside of a live comedy show like SNL so it’s valuable for te performers to do them in the moment. Live impressions are a little more difficult to do accurately, so you have to make up for it by building even more of a big comedic character out of them. A great example of that is Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey. He doesn’t do a note per note impression, but his take on the host and his ridiculous personality is so funny that it captures the exaggerated soul of Harvey. That’s where we want to see Andrea go from here.

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