Bring the Funny: Morgan Jay, Jesus Trejo, more stand out in episode 2

Bring the FunnyFollowing the premiere episode last week, Bring the Funny episode 2 came out in hopes if finding a way to keep momentum going. The challenge with this show is simple: Not everyone is going to be funny.

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Like we did with the premiere one week ago, we want to focus here on some of the notable talent who managed to move through — and it’s quite an array! You’ve got a puppet, a musician, some traditional standups, and more.

Randy Feltface – The opening act, which was basically a puppet stand-up act that is every bit as weird as it sounds. Yet, Randy was relatable! The material is what made this work, more so than any individual character.

Michael Longfellow – A really strong opening audition from someone who really rocked out tonight on the basis of his material. The only thing that we’re bummed out for Michael was that he was so early in the show it may be harder to remember him after the fact.

Willy Appelman – His energy was just on another level and while we wonder if this sort of character is 100% sustainable in the long run, it worked for the quick-burst nature of what we saw in terms of his performance tonight.

Ismo – Ismo is something else. That feels especially clear. He’s got a good sense of creativity about him, let alone some fantastic facial expressions and just the understanding that he is naturally funny. The challenge from here is building on what he has tonight.

Morgan Jay – He knew going into this that musical comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he found a way to make it work with some cool crowd-work and not taking the audience our of what he was doing at just about every note.

Jesus Trejo – We had the same first thought as Kenan — please be related to Danny Trejo. He’s more of the standard standup comic but is one that offered up great energy and a point of view as an only child. There was some physical humor and character work in between his experiential humor.

What did you think about tonight’s Bring the Funny episode, and who do you think is the best act of the group? Share in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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