Beecham House season 2 possible; ‘talks’ have transpired

Beecham HouseWill a Beecham House season 2 renewal happen over on ITV? One day removed from the finale, there are still questions on that subject.

If you did love the first season, you know already that the final episode did set the stage for an incredible season 2, with the closing minutes being all about the kidnapping of August and the questions as to his whereabouts and what can be done in order to bring him back. You may also know already that the ratings for season 1 don’t make more of the show a guarantee. While it wasn’t a total blip on the radar, we wouldn’t say that Beecham House was a total ratings home run, either. It did leave something to be desired there, and we hope that if it does come back, more people discover it in the weeks and months to come.

For one of the show’s primary cast members, there does still remain enthusiasm that the story can continue to be told. Speaking via Digital Spy, Pallavi Sharda (who plays Chandrika, aunt of August and important person in his life) had the following to say as to her own season 2 hopes:

“Ideally as actors, we would love it to keep it going and going … I know that there have been talks about a season two, but I don’t know at this point what is happening.

“We’re very hopeful because there’s so much scope that we’ve only just started to navigate in terms of episode 5 and 6, the political side of what’s happening.”

We think that a formal decision on a Beecham House season 2 is going to come at some point in the next few months, and if the show comes back, we’re going to see it at some point in the summer once more. This was a good spot for the show … just not for the final two weeks where it was airing opposite Poldark. That wasn’t a good move for a period drama to air opposite another period drama.

So what do we want in season 2 beyond what we’ve seen? More of John’s past, for starters, but beyond that, also getting to see more of the individual backstories to some of the other supporting faces.

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