Beecham House season 1 finale: Who kidnapped August?

Beecham HouseOn tonight’s Beecham House season 1 finale, there was a twist like no other. Who kidnapped August? If there was ever a compelling case for more episodes, the closing minutes of the episode offered that up.

Right when it seemed like this show was going to be delivering some news on the John – Margaret front (is this relationship being paced properly?), the news came out that August was missing. The attack on Beecham’s estate is a devastating one, given that through the better part of the series’ run, he did what he could in order to protect his son. After all, John knows that someday, he is destined to be royalty! Unfortunately, that’s also why he is so targeted in the first place.

What Beecham House was doing as a series in setting up this cliffhanger was mostly offering up the writers an incredibly compelling reason in order to bring the show back for more new episodes. There is an innate awareness here of what the search for August could be as a season 2 storyline. There’s no reason to end the episode in this sort of way. It will drive things moving forward and this show may very well need that in the aftermath of some of its biggest season 1 secrets being already revealed.

With the missing August in mind, we definitely imagine that some of the other storylines at the heart of this show are going to be pushed to the side for a little bit. There’s no reason to focus hard on any of them when you have a sense of urgency. There’s been a little bit of division within Beecham House itself and this is the sort of thing that could fundamentally change that.

As for who kidnapped August…

We don’t think it has to be anyone we’ve actually met just yet. It’s very easy for the writers to create some new characters in season 2 and then explain things after the fact. It would be interesting, for example, if the kidnapping somehow had to do more with John’s past than something directly related to August’s status as a future heir.

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What do you think about the Beecham House season 1 finale, and who do you think is responsible for kidnapping August?

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