The Rook episode 3 sneak peek: A look at the life of Gestalt


For those of you who are deeply fascinated by Gestalt, The Rook episode 3 is going to give you a great opportunity to explore them. The sneak peek below from Sunday’s new episode is proof of that!

Within this preview, you get a small taste of what the day-to-day life for this unique character/characters are like. What makes Gestalt so unique is that you have four separate people with one shared consciousness — if something happens to one of them, all of them feel it. That’s what makes Myfanwy’s history with them so bizarre and also unique. Being with one of them creates an obvious ripple effect.

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Watching how Gestalt operate, feel, and think should prove to be a treat for the rest of the season, as it’s something that we haven’t seen that much of, even in the midst of what is a crowded field of various comic-book related shows. It’s a superpower, but also a hindrance. If one of these four ever wanted to keep a secret, they can’t. They have to live with their mistakes and the fallout from them in a way that few others can. We also imagine that it can be rather noisy to live with everything that you’re doing and feeling at any given moment. Yet, the gift of shared knowledge is very much useful in some missions. It gives you an opportunity to be able to duck and weave various problems on your way to finding solutions. It gives you a leg up in a way that nobody else can quite understand.

The more we get of Gestalt, the happier we are going to be — though we know that there is only so much that they can and should be a focus. This still is about Myfanwy’s journey and trying to uncover the truth about what happened to her. We imagine that Sunday’s episode (preview it further here) will revolve, in part, around trying to find more answers to the person that decided that they didn’t want to be dead anymore.

What do you want to see on The Rook episode 3, and how do you think all of this story is going to unfold with Gestalt? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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