Poldark season 5 spoilers: Ellise Chappell on Morwenna’s recovery

MorwennaWhat’s coming up for Ellise Chappell’s Morwenna on Poldark season 5? We know already that she’s entering the season in a more-than-vulnerable place. She’s found some healing in Drake, but she is also far from being out of the woods. The trauma that she endured with Osbourne Whitworth will remain her for the rest of her life and while she can’t remove the albatross, it doesn’t have to drag her in one place.

With that in mind, be prepared for the final season to be one that is very much all about healing and finding a larger purpose in life. Speaking via the BBC in a new pre-season interview, Chappell had the following to say:

“Morwenna helps start a school to teach the young children in the community to read so they can hopefully one day make something better of themselves. Up until this point Morwenna had spent so long being isolated with no real purpose, stuck in that life as a Whitworth. Now she is in a new environment where she is again an outsider, because she is not one of the villagers and she is seen as this lady who doesn’t belong there. So to be able to offer something, to use her skills and have a real purpose is an incredible thing for her. That is where she started; she began as a governess to Geoffrey Charles so to be able to use those skills to help people and to focus her attention on something good is wonderful.”

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We don’t think that Cornwall will spend too much time shunning Morwenna, mostly due to her heart and the spirit that she brings to everything she does. It’s understandable to have suspicions of a new person in the community, especially since there is a history of outsiders coming in and causing chaos. Over time though, she can win them over — everyone has to come from somewhere, right? Plus, in between her and Drake they may very well be one of the nicest couples in the entire region. Morwenna just has to realize that she’s not going to get better right away and she needs to be patient on her road to recovery.

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