Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 6 review: The beer balloon of hope

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 review

Tonight, Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 6 had the challenge of following up on what we had with this past, Althea-centric episode. We don’t think that doing this was necessarily the easiest task in the world.

Yet, this is an episode that did offer up a number of different updates on some different storylines. Take, for example, a chance for Dwight to get some closure … if John Dorie chose to let him have it. John found what seemed to be one of the last letters from Sherry, one that made it clear that she didn’t want him to look for her anymore and that she was going to stop writing him letters. Instead, she wanted to find a way for him to move on and actually find a certain degree of happiness.

Meanwhile, elsewhere within this episode, we found ourselves witness to a storyline that was largely about trying to help some of the kids. Meanwhile, Morgan did everything that he can in order to help Grace. We haven’t seen too much of her so far this season and even still, it feels like there is so much more that we have to learn. Our hope is that the remaining episodes of this season will provide an opportunity for more understanding.

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Could the plane be rescued? That was the real question that we had going into this episode, given that this was the question that we had for the bulk of the first part of the season. As it turns out, Strand and Charlie found a different way in order to travel through the skies — a hot-air balloon in the form of a giant beer bottle. Some of these characters were going to be able to eventually find their way back home, but it was not in the way that anyone first thought. There was something oddly magical about having a hovering beer bottle in the middle of the air … but we knew that there was going to be something that screwed up the good vibes. That something was the kids all taking off. Grace was buying the kids and the group time … but she didn’t have too much time.

This is where Alicia risks it

In order to find some of the kids, Alicia decided to work her way through the sea of walkers that were protecting the unknown secret. Those barricades existed for a reason and she was willing to take some of that on.

Oh, and did we mention how Strand and Charlie were surrounded by walkers in the closing seconds?

CarterMatt Verdict – Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 6

We’re not going to pretend that this was the best episode of the season when it was so disjointed and bounced a lot between different corners of the zombie apocalypse. In the end, though, some of those pieces started to come together and it seems as though we’re getting a good sense as to where the danger lies from here.

What’s next for the show?

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