NCIS season 17: Three characters in need of flashback episode

NCIS season 17While there were many notable episodes of NCIS season 16 — whether it be “She” or the big Ziva reveal at the end of “Daughters” — “Once Upon a Tim” is one that is going to withstand the test of time. It was a well-written journey into the past of Timothy McGee and a chance for all of us as viewers to learn a little bit more about what led to him being eventually an NCIS agent in the first place. We saw his awkward teenage years, people in his life, and how it impacted his present. It was lovely, and it does absolutely leave us wanting more.

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With that in mind, why not talk about other flashback episodes in this article? What other characters would be well-suited for some of them? We’ve already seen stories aplenty with Ducky, and we also think that we’ve gotten a reasonably good sense of who Gibbs is through the past decade and a half. There are still plenty of characters who could benefit from such a treatment, and within this article, we’ve got three names that stand out.

Jimmy – Why not give Jimmy Palmer a spotlight in this way? The best thing about it would be the unexpected nature of it — that’s one of the reasons why the McGee one stood out! With Palmer, he is a character we’ve seen for the vast majority of the show’s run and yet, we still don’t know all that much about him other than his current station in life. There are so many more things to uncover.

Bishop – We know that she grew up in Oklahoma and she was never quite one of the cool kids — maybe this story would have almost too much in common with “Once Upon a Tim” but given the way that they’ve built up this character over the past year or two, we do think that there’s a lot to tap into here — we’ve already explored Bishop’s hometown in the present, so why not more of the past?

Ziva – Yes, we know that in some ways, including her is a cop-out since she’s not currently a main character. Yet, it’s obvious that she merits a flashback hour of her own! What has she gone through the past decade and a half, and how much has she spoken with Tony? There are so many things that we still want answers to and this would be a fantastic opportunity to dive into a lot of that stuff.

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