NCIS season 17: Who should we see go undercover?

NCIS season 17NCIS season 17 should embrace undercover missions — and there are certainly many different reasons for it! For starters, this is a chance to see certain characters embrace their adventurous side. As if that wasn’t enough, this is also a show that loves to embrace humor — and often times, there are few things less funny than seeing someone embracing the idea of adopting another alter ego and getting out there in the field.

So for the sake of this article, we thought it would be fun to pose this simple question: What characters would be the most entertaining to see in an undercover capacity? Are there some that would stand out more than others? We’ve got a handful of possibilities below…

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Gibbs – There’s always going to be a case for seeing it with him, but we also feel like he needs to spend more of this season doing his best to try and work on himself. He’s still in the process of reevaluating who he is, so there’s no real need to see him in the guise of someone else.

McGee – We kinda had that recently with him applying for the job at the tech company, even if he was technically “undercover” as himself. There’s no immediate hurry with him taking on another role, but we’d embrace it if the situation comes up.

Bishop – Out of the main four NCIS agents, it makes the most sense to give Bishop a story that is in this vein. With her being undercover, we could get a little bit more insight into her natural instincts — also, maybe Ziva will take her under her wing when she returns and gives her a few different pointers.

Torres – The guy already spent years of his life in deep cover. How much more are you going to put the man through? How much more does he need to be another person? Let him breathe as just Torres for a while!

Kasie – This is the most fun possibility of all just because she would be such a fish out of water, though it would also be unlikely that NCIS would find the perfect position in order to place her. Our feeling is that she would be perfect for some sort of mission where her specific skills were of use, and nobody else could really do it. Cue some sort of training montage where some of the other characters could show her the ropes.

Sloane – This would be fascinating. We know that Jack is capable of almost any task given to her, but it would be a different sort of task — and an excellent showcase for Maria Bello, as well. Consider this a reminder to give Maria opportunities to shine at every possible moment. The world will be so much better off for it.

Jimmy – He’s done it before, but why not do it again? It wouldn’t be as fun as Kasie (he’s already got more training), but we’re never saying no to getting Brian Dietzen out in the field more often.

Ducky – David McCallum will almost certainly be back, but will he be around consistently enough to justify a big undercover storyline? We wonder.

Who do you want to see undercover on NCIS season 17?

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