Beecham House episode 4 spoilers: John, Margaret face new trouble

Beecham HouseWhen Beecham House episode 4 opens its doors on ITV tomorrow night, you are going to have an opportunity to see a little bit more chaos. It will be spreading through the walls, and a lot of it is going to have to do with what Violet chooses to do with what she saw. At the end of this past episode, after all, she witnessed Chandrika showing up — a secret arrival that raises all sorts of important questions. They are ones that Violet and Henrietta could use as leverage in order to separate John from Margaret — which they, apparently, think will bring John closer to Violet. (Why do they think that this plan will make Violet a viable option all of a sudden? Certainly a good question.)

By the end of this episode, the biggest surprise may just be that there are no more surprises. Judging from the Beecham House episode 4 synopsis below, it looks as though John may decide that telling the truth about August’s mother, he could offer him and his family a more stable future:

Chandrika visits John’s room late at night fuelling suspicions about their relationship. The clandestine meeting is witnessed by Violet who tells a shocked Henrietta. They use this information to pursue their plan to drive John and Margaret apart. When the Emperor presents John with his license, the event is soured for John by Margaret’s early exit. At Beecham House Chanchal is ostracised by the staff as news of her affair with Daniel spreads. Prince Akbar and the Empress make plans to secure the future of their kingdom and the Prince makes John an offer he can’t refuse. Samuel presents Castillon with another opportunity to sabotage John’s plans. Margaret demands answers from John who realises that the only way he can win her trust is to reveal the secret he promised never to tell. At night time, surrounded by candle light, with his family, Chandrika and Margaret present, he reveals in a series of dramatic flashbacks the identity of August’s mother and his relationship with her. He knows that doing this jeopardizes the safety of his child and his future with Margaret.

Why does John decide to reveal this secret now of all times? It may be due to him realizing that if he doesn’t say something, he stands to lose everything that he has — including Margaret and his family being in town. He may be annoyed by his mother, but she is still his mother. That’s certainly something that we don’t want to discount here at all. Whatever this secret is, it has to be devastating enough to justify all of the secrecy so far; otherwise, John was just being petty. At this point, it feels like he can trust some of these people — if he can emphasize the safety of August, that should be enough to keep Henrietta quiet.

What do you want to see on Beecham House episode 4?

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