Beecham House episode 3 review: John’s gift; Daniel’s romance

Beecham House episode 3

Tonight’s Beecham House episode 3 continued to do a fine job of presenting so much of what we adore about this show already. It’s a window into a world you so rarely see and so many of the characters offer up insight into the politics, the romance, and so much more. There are also still mysteries — we’re not entirely sure as of yet that we’ve really learned the truth about Baby August — but we’ll hopefully have more information on that soon enough.

Within this episode, we saw August go through one of the local customs — something that, to the surprise of no one, Henrietta objected to it. She is not warming up as of yet to the idea of making a new life in India, but she needs to get accustomed to it over time. John doesn’t seem to be able to head back home to the UK — this is where he is and he is making the most of it. That includes immersing himself more within the local culture but also dealing with loose ends of his past. The shipping industry has not always been kind to him; is worn and weathered from enduring much of what he has within it.

One of the other questions of value is what will happen between John and Margaret, who revealed to him that her trip back to England has been delayed. Is this a sign that the two will get together … or at least think about getting together? She’s becoming more immersed in the world of nobility herself, which could prove valuable to John the longer this show overall lasts.

The largest quest that John had politically tonight was to present in full his gift to the Empress, one that would ensure that he could be trusted and also that there were some clear social bonds. The gift seemed to make a fantastic impression — count this as a major point in John’s corner. With that said … there are still questions. For starters, the Empress wonders just how someone like John was able to afford such a gift in the first place.

Violet’s quest

Henrietta has been struggling with opiate addiction, and that is one of the reasons on some level why Violet is there. It may be to get herself closer to John, but Henrietta knows she needs someone to look after her. This required tonight her venturing to a dangerous part of town in order to get medicine, where she was attacked. After that, John got to be the hero and carry her off to safety. She may not have enjoyed the danger of it all, but Violet enjoyed the aftereffects.

CarterMatt Verdict for Beecham House episode 3

While Beecham House is a show about appealing to convention, it is fun to see all of the different ways in which the story breaks it. Think along the lines of Daniel working in order to make a good impression on John’s staff — perhaps too much of an impression given that he and Chanchal are in the throws of a romantic tryst.

So with this show, you’re getting romance, action, and political intrigue left and right. Tonight’s episode did set the August mystery to the side for most of it, but we feel as though there are questions that still remain. The closing minutes focused on an important one, as he witnessed John’s surprise arrival and then also Daniel seeing his mother in the midst of a drug episode. That’s without mentioning Chandrika making a surprise visit to John’s room late at night.

What did you think about Beecham House episode 3 overall? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: ITV.)

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