Grey’s Anatomy season 16 spotlight: Tom Koracick’s time to shine

Tom KoracickWe’ll admit — we’ve been excited to write a Grey’s Anatomy season 16 spotlight about Tom Koracick for a while now. He’s one of our favorite newer characters on the show, and one of the best characters on the ABC show in general.

When we first met Tom, it was easy to generalize him as the “cocky doctor,” the guy who ran amok in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital spouting off about how great he was and how much other people should want to worship him. He is incredibly skilled and he knows it, but we’ve also learned that there is so much more to him. There is a gaping hole that needs to be filled. This is someone who lost his son and, consequently, ended up losing his marriage in the throws of his grief. He uses his confidence to mask much of his pain and as contrarian as he may be at times, he wants nothing more than love and family. He’s yearning for redemption in those moments where he doesn’t have a stethoscope in hand.

So how can Grey’s Anatomy better shape Greg Germann’s tremendous character? Read on to find out.

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Family – Is he going to have that with Teddy? We understand why he wants one so bad. Now that Germann is a series regular, the opportunity is here to further explore his personal wants, but then also much of what he’s been through in the past. What makes Koracick tick, and what is his idyllic image of what a family should be for him now? Some flashbacks could prove useful to better serve what he is fighting for with Teddy.

Anger – At the moment, the prevailing theory is that we’re going to see Teddy choose to be with Owen, spurning Koracick in the process. How is he going to feel about that? The quick assumption would be that he is enraged and goes off on some sort of tear, but we don’t think that this is the most interesting, final outcome. To us, it would be so much more interesting if he just folds in on himself and goes in another extreme.

Work – Where does Tom fit in permanently at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? If he is a full-time employee of the establishment now, he has to find a place — and whatever that place is could shape more of what this institution is like moving forward. Are there going to be some power battles if he doesn’t get some sort of top-tier position? We wonder that, mostly due to how experienced he is and the high opinion he has of himself.

Hobbies – What does Tom do outside of work? What are his friendships like? Because he hasn’t been at this hospital for that long, the fair assumption to make is that he is communicating with some other people and he has some other groups he hangs out with … unless he’s just managed to send people away from him in every direction.

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