Grey’s Anatomy season 16 spotlight: The future for Owen Hunt

Owen HuntWhat should be coming up next for Owen Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy season 16? In this edition of our ongoing spotlight series, we’re ready to dive into who may be the show’s most fascinating and, at times, frustrating character.

Let’s make this clear from the jump — we get frustrated by Owen because we care about Owen. We’ve seen this guy many times at his worst and we absolutely root for him at his best. He’s shown a capacity to be caring, loving, and one of the best doctors in his field. His #1 issue is simply that he can’t decide on what he wants his future to be. It’s cost him relationships, friendships, and led to so much more stress than he’s really needed.

With that in mind … doesn’t this seem like a perfect jumping-off point for some of our suggestions? (We also have some great Grey’s Anatomy video discussion at the bottom of this article — after checking that out, subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and view our playlist. That’s the #1 way to ensure you don’t miss other updates.)

1. Make some decisions – For Owen, the #1 priority really needs to be figuring out what he wants and from there, stick to it. It felt like he was choosing a future with Teddy and their baby in the season 15 finale, but we know better than to see Owen make what looks to be a decision. This guy may flip around early next season and change his mind! We need some more evidence of consistency from him before we get confident.

2. Show more of him as a father – Whether it be with Leo with the new baby, Owen as a dad carries with it excitement. In the midst of his constant indecision, this has been a standby for this character. It’s something that we’ve long known he’s wanted; does that mean that he will be great at it? He needs to figure that out.

3. Establish stability with Tom Koracick – This will not be an easy thing to do given where we are with these characters and also Teddy’s decision. If she decides that she wants to be with Owen, that means that Tom is incensed. If she wants to be with Tom, Owen is angry. These two men are going to have to get along if they’re meant to work together, and we do want to explore that.

4. Don’t forget about Amelia, at all – Even if Owen and Amelia aren’t moving forward as a couple, the last thing we want is for the two of them to spend the remainder of the series away from each other. Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone has such electric chemistry, whether the events around them are good and bad.

5. Of course, give Owen some interesting patients – We know that Owen’s personal life teeters often into hot-mess territory, but we don’t want everything in his professional career to be ignored. That totally invalidates everything the whole medical part of the show — without the hospital, there would be no Grey’s Anatomy.

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What do you want to see from Owen Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy season 15?

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