Grey’s Anatomy season 16 spotlight: The future for Jackson Avery

Jesse WilliamsWhat is the future going to hold for Jesse Williams and his character of Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy season 16? We are back with the latest weekly spotlight and this time around, the focus is on a character who was subject to the most-recent finale’s biggest cliffhanger.

We obviously have to start this article by discussing the cliffhanger. There’s really no other way around it. At the end of season 15, it seemed as though Jackson disappeared in the middle of the fog and the woods — it almost felt like the start of some horror movie. When season 16 begins, it has to be top priority to figure out what happened. We think that it’s possible the character passed out somewhere or had something else terrible happen to him …  but he’s almost certainly going to make it out okay. Because Jesse just recently signed a new two-year contract to stick around on the show, there’s nothing to worry about with the character’s long-term future.

As for the long-term future of the character and Maggie, maybe that’s a completely different subject. At the moment, it’s just really hard to figure out what the Grey’s Anatomy writers are intending to do with this particular relationship. They do have a number of things in common and when things are going well, they’re going extremely well. The problem is just that there’s a consistent sense of volatility here, and they’re also just some moments where the two don’t seem like they actually enjoy each other’s company. You saw some of this play out right before the cliffhanger. If they’re going to make it through and actually be a couple in the future, they clearly have some issues to root out. These are issues of perception, spending consistent time together, and not having Jackson just vanish off in the middle of nowhere. They have to recognize their differences and also accept them.

We oscillate almost every day as to what’s going to happen with Jackson and Maggie, but that’s kind of reflective of what’s going on within it.

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So beyond everything that we’ve spelled out so far, what else could be happening with Jackson? Medically, it would just be nice to see him sink his teeth into a couple of high-profile cases, something that allows him to establish even more of a medical reputation for himself. We know that one of the big points of frustration in his life is that he’s constantly compared to other people within his family. It would just be great to see him with a medical case that just so happens to fall perfectly within his own skill set, and it’s something that he can totally do independent of Catherine. We think a lot of Jackson’s actions are dictated in some ways by an identity crisis and trying to figure out precisely who he is. Through his work, he may be able to find means for success that he didn’t have previously.

Finally, it would just be nice to have some more friendship moments featuring Jackson alongside other characters. What was nice about the boat storyline from a little while back is that you actually saw a lot of the Grey’s Anatomy guys just go off and do something together. It was just something that was intended to be fun, and that’s really not something you can get with this show all the time. In the midst of the chaos and the near-death experiences, it’s almost easy to forget that these are supposed to be real people who need a chance to clear their brains.

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