Ink Master season 12 episode 5 video: Pony Wave’s tough canvas

Pony WaveWe’ve already seen once on Ink Master season 12 a human canvas be almost directly responsible for an elimination; is it about to happen again? Based on the new video for Tuesday night’s new episode (which you can check out below), Pony Wave is about to find herself in big trouble courtesy of a canvas who just doesn’t want to sit still.

In the video below, you get a good sense of what we’re talking about as Pony struggles to get her tattoo really going properly as her canvas squirms about and complains about the pain. She also claims that Pony’s method of communication isn’t great and that she should be more “encouraging” through the whole process. This is where doing a tattoo almost feels like a test of one’s social prowess on this show — what works for you outside of the game doesn’t work inside the game. You can take long breaks during a tattoo session in real life, or come back for another appointment. Here you’ve got limited time and everything has to be done quickly. If it’s not, you just don’t finish. This is the danger that Pony runs into, so she may need to change up her communication with this canvas if she wants to make sure that she gets the design completed. Presenting an unfinished tattoo doesn’t always equal elimination (heck, Fon won tattoo of the day with one earlier this season!), it does make things so much harder on you than it would be otherwise.

So what else makes the challenge on Tuesday’s episode difficult? For the first time since the premiere, there are no mentors and there is no Flash Challenge. This means that the competition is strictly individual, with every single artist having to prove that they can deliver some beautiful individual artwork — this is a great test of some of their skills and sense of creativity. The judges don’t want to see anyone play it safe! The worst tattoo of this challenge could end up sending someone home; if nothing else, it could set up one of the artists for trouble later on in the episode. We’ve seen in the past Ink Master cram in a couple of individual challenges within a single episode.

We know that Pony can do some really cool tattoos — we’ve seen it so far this season — so let’s just hope she finds a way to resolve this canvas crisis before it becomes too much of a calamity, because we think she really could be a dark horse in this competition.

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