The InBetween episode 4 review: The legend of Mr. Nightfall

InBetweenIt’s a shame that NBC’s The InBetween isn’t able to get itself a lot of attention airing in the summer, especially with all of its hiatuses. What this show is offering feels like a breath of fresh air … even though it can also be as creepy as Halloween night.

Take, for example, the legend of Mr. Nightfall, a creepy character and murderer who was causing chaos. This was as mysterious of a wicked hooded character as they come. They were also part of a mystery that involved nightmares and the manifestation of them within the minds of a few.

So what made this storyline so compelling? We think that a lot of it has to do with the Scooby-Doo factor of having such a mysterious character at the heart of the mystery, but one that actually was still grounded in a certain degree of reality. That’s such a change from some of the cases that are more supernatural in nature from top to bottom. Now that The InBetween has introduced its central element and allowed us a chance to get used to it, this is where the next order of business comes into play. That’s finding a way to break your own mold and try to surprise. We think that this was effective in the end, and gave the show a memorable character to fear in the process.

As for the other storyline tonight, it revolved around Cassie seeing a dead woman who turned out to be a struggling addict. This started off as a mystery and, beyond that, ended up being a personal story that allowed us a chance to see some of what her mother dealt with for so many years. This showed Cassie’s investigative skills sure, but also how much she wants to be there as a conduit to give people proper closure. This all led to an emotional scene at the end of the episode where she met the deceased woman’s daughter, and gave her a good sense of some of what she went through in the time after losing her mother.

CarterMatt Verdict

In between a creepy mystery buy then also something a little more personal to Cassie, this was the best episode of The InBetween to date. We wish that there was a way to boost the show’s profile or get more attention around it, but that ball is mostly in NBC’s court. We just hope that viewers realize that this is a thought-provoking show trying to elevate the summer TV season — even if it’s procedural, it is bringing something special. The challenge now is maintaining this momentum through the next several episodes. We’re not at the halfway point just yet — blame the disjointed scheduling we’ve seen for that.

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