Fear the Walking Dead season 5: Maggie Grace on Althea, Isabelle

AltheaOn Sunday night’s new episode of Fear the Walking Deadwe were introduced to the character of Isabelle, someone who developed a close bond to Athena in a short period of time and, beyond that, also holds many secrets. What we learned is that the organization that she works for is doing everything that they can to plan for the future. Maybe they are building a larger, perfect society separate from the zombie crisis. Maybe they are actually thinking about a way to formulate a cure. No matter what it is, these people are working on something and you’ll (hopefully) have a chance to see more when the Rick Grimes movies start to air. We know that the helicopter is somehow connected to that.

So what does Maggie Grace, who was at the center of everything with this past episode, feel about the story being presented? Speaking in a new interview with TVInsider, she made some of her thoughts on the subject clear:

“It’s fun that they’re building in Easter eggs for the ride-or-die fans … And I have always known that there would be some way Al would connect to this wider world.

“It’s been exciting… Al has to, moment by moment, gauge the nature of this organization, which certainly doesn’t seem to be one of benevolence – perhaps ‘brutality’ would be more accurate – but also represents great hope.

“I think Al’s thinking they perhaps have the greater answer, in terms of how the species survives and continues.”

We do believe that Al will hold her memories with Isabelle close, as there was a sort of love that was formed there. Maybe it was love that came about due to the sad nature of it all, where the two knew most of the episode that they wouldn’t have a future. Maybe it was the thrill of the unknown. We just know that this is a time that neither one of them will or should forget, mostly because it encapsulated so much of who each one of them is and what they want for themselves in an ideal world. It may just be a world that they don’t get to otherwise experience.

So where does Fear the Walking Dead go from here? On the next new episode (read more about it over here), you’re going to see more of the characters back in the middle of doing what they’ve done through most of the season. It remains to be seen how much of the Isabella storyline will still matter — it may not be much, but we won’t forget about what we’ve seen this week.

What did you think about the big Maggie Grace story and Fear the Walking Dead season 5 so far? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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