Big Brother 21 episode 3 review: Who won Whacktivity power?

Big Brother 21 Cast

The Whacktivity power has been one of the largest mysteries of the Big Brother 21 house over the past few days. We haven’t known who won or what exactly this competition means for the sake of the game. It seemed to happen before nominations.

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Judging from the fact that there were three boards in the backyard, it seems as though there will be three different competitions until this twist ends: Panic, chaos, and nightmare. The nightmare whacktivity was the one we saw tonight and it featured Kathryn, Nicole, Cliff, Bella, and Ovi. The task here was trying to match up some of the bad smells in your trashcans with the smells that were out in the field. It was almost a toss-up since it was pretty hard to determine when things were right and when things were wrong. After each round, the show didn’t give you any answers.

The funny thing is that it felt like Ovi was hovering close to the right answer for most of the competition … and he knew that he needed to win it because he didn’t have all that much when it comes to an alliance. In the end, though, Ovi has the power! We just have to find out what it is, since there is no guarantee that it is actually going to help him in the game immediately. We just want it to be something that can actually help him a great deal since we are so early in the game.

So what does the nightmare power do?

This gives Ovi the ability to wake everyone up in the middle of the night and change the Head of Household’s nominees. It’s a cool thing to have, but the problem is that unless you’re put on the block yourself, there’s no real way it can help you.

The official nominees for the week are Cliff and Kathryn, who had some less-than-kind words to say about Christie in the Diary Room.

(Warning: Live feed spoilers ahead.)

Since Ovi is on the block as a replacement nominee right now, there’s no way for him to use this power in the event he survives this week … and it’s not looking good right now. He is on the outside looking in and it’s hard to know what his path is. He just struggled to fit in and tried to get something together rather than allowing some sort of plan to come to him.

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