Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 12)

Big Brother 21 Cast - Veto CeremonyToday in the Big Brother 21 house, the very first Veto Ceremony of the season took place! It was a crazy journey that got us to this point, especially when you consider the dramatic flip last night.

Let’s set the stage for the Ceremony. Last night, Christie decided that she didn’t have it in her heart to nominate Kemi, as she felt that she hadn’t really done anything to her in the game. She then altered the plan and made it clear that she preferred that the Veto wasn’t used at all. She didn’t want any more blood on her hands. Unfortunately, Veto holder Sam had already told Cliff that he planned on taking him off the block, which created a challenging situation where Christie had to nominate someone.

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Based on the plans from last night, the obvious choice for replacement nominee was Ovi. He hasn’t connected with enough people in the house and he is a safe choice for someone like Christie to make. If she does this, she can try to finish the week with little blood on her hands … but honestly, she’s been so all over the map and terrible these past few days that she’s already got a lot of blood on her hands regardless. You gotta be calm in the first HoH reign and she hasn’t done that. She almost should just make the move on Jack because she’s talked so much about it. He’s going to learn about it eventually!

The Veto Ceremony ended at around 12:10 p.m. Big Brother time and in it, we got official word that Ovi is the replacement nominee. Christie told Kathryn not to worry and that the plan in her mind hasn’t changed — she wants to lure Ovi into a false sense of security and have him believe that he is the pawn. There’s still a good bit of time until the eviction, so in our mind, that means that anything can happen. It’d be silly to rule out Ovi as the one sticking around when we’re so early in the process still. (Remember, last night Kat claimed that she wanted to leave.)

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