The Bachelorette spoilers: The Luke Parker circus plays on

Luke ParkerWhen Monday night’s The Bachelorette airs, you are going to see a series of events that you should’ve saw coming. The longer the saga of Luke Parker continues the more it’s probably going to cause the blood of some of the other contestants to boil.

In the video below via People Magazine, you can see what we’d like to call the latest edition of Luke P.’s greatest hits. First, he does something to set off Peter the Pilot, who we weren’t sure could get legitimately angry. He’s been one of the most low-key contestants that we’ve have this season but Luke seems to have violated his own rule — staying in his lane. He’s done something that is causing Pete to get mad … and he is far from the only one.

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We’ve already shared a preview over here that featured Tyler, another guy who has come across as likable and a favorite for most of the season. This preview below also highlights the latest on Garrett and Luke, the feud that has been the most noteworthy out of any we’ve seen so far this season. Garrett refers to Luke as the “fakest person he’s ever met,” and that leads to the angry moment of Luke shouting over Garrett while he sits in the chair. We’re surprised that it took this long for Luke to start to implode like this, but these cracks are going to make it harder and harder for him to make it to the end and win. There are so many red flags that, at this point, it actually feels a little bit more like a red-flag parade than anything else. How is she going to be able to wade through all of the DRAMA and recognize anything else.

As for the whole “fake” allegation, we think that Luke went into this season thinking that he was going to become the next Bachelor or some sort of likable character. He’s tried to play that character all season long and other than his religion, there isn’t really a whole let else that we’ve learned about him.

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