The Affair season 5 debate: How could the series end?

The premiere of The Affair season 5 is arriving on Showtime in just under two months — we’re still facing a lot wait. Yet, we’re at that point now where ideas and thoughts related to the show are starting to reverberate in our mind. There is so much to speculate over, and so many good stories that could still be told. The Affair is emotional and raw, and we anticipate that no matter what the stories are moving into the final season, they will hold true to this basic framework.

Below, you can check out three specific expectations that we’ve got for this final batch of episodes — at least if the goal for the show is closure, which we like to imagine it is. Beyond that, we’ve also got a video below with more insight. After you watch, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and take a look at our show playlist.

1. With Noah and Helen getting closure – There are so many ways in which you can get closure in life, and we certainly don’t think the only one comes courtesy of being in a relationship. Noah wants to find a way to earn forgiveness based on the recent teaser, and we imagine that there will be some gestures or, at the very least, effort put into it. Otherwise, these are all really empty words without a whole lot else jammed in.

2. With understanding what happened to Cole – Even if Joshua Jackson isn’t going to be a part of every episode in the final season, it would be rather disheartening to see it all air without a better understanding of what happened to the guy. We do think that we deserve some sort of answer and our imagination can tell us the rest of the story. (Here’s a crazy thought — what if Cole appears more in the flash-forward timeline as an old man? Maybe that’s a way to manifest his story without Jackson there.)

3. Justice for Allison – It goes without saying — we understand that The Affair does live in an imperfect world, one in which people don’t often get what they deserve. Yet, at the same time we can’t stress enough just how badly we want to see Ben taken down — there are a lot of interpretations for her death episode, such as that the two storylines are two different extremes, or that the first was fantasy and the second reality. Our sentiment remains that Ben killed and even if it takes decades to get the truth behind what happened, Allison deserves someone to recognize the truth. That’s the closure we really need.

The Affair season 5 premieres this August on Showtime. If you want to get some more news all about what lies ahead, check out the teaser over here.

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