Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 7 review: Is Enoch leaving?

Agents of SHIELD

Entering Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 7, it felt clear that the show was getting back to normal — or, at least however normal a show like this is ever going to be.

At the start of the episode, the likes of May, Daisy, Mack, and others tried to do their best in order to get to the end goal: Stop the Shrike by any means necessary. Sarge was a part of the operation, but that doesn’t mean that he is a part of the team. Mack didn’t love the idea of being BFFs with this guy who looks just like Coulson but sure doesn’t act like him. Because of that, it created an unusual relationship … and it was even more unusual when Mack was introduced to the Coulson hologram. Mack had to brace for the idea that he and Sarge are two different people — we don’t think that Sarge is a full-on villain by any means, but he clearly has an agenda and he’s willing to do whatever he could in order to make that happen. If people die, they die. He’s like the Agents of SHIELD version of Ivan Drago.

What Sarge kept insisting is that one way or another, he was going to be able to escape his confinement. Maybe he was relying on Jaco being able to breathe fire. Or, maybe he was relying on the team not knowing what to do with the Shrike without a little bit of his help. Mack ended up having to negotiate with Sarge in order to learn some of the monster’s weakness and as it turns out, it was cold. They were able to be frozen and splintered away … at least for the time being.

Mack also had another problem within this episode that he had to deal with, as Deke was turned up suddenly learning about an alternate-universe Fitz, let alone the “death” of the other one. After everything that he did in order to help SHIELD get back to their own time, he wants a little more loyalty. He craves it. That just doesn’t mean that he will actually end up getting it.

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The problem at the end of the mission

The good news is that SHIELD was able to defeat the Shrike for the team being. The bad news is that in doing so, the team ran into a position where they STILL needed Sarge’s help. He’s getting what he wants, and they’re having to throw up their hands and admit that they need him.

As for Fitz and Simmons…

Through most of this episode, what they were looking to do was simple: Find a way to get back to Earth. Enoch was able to free them from their confinement, but that didn’t mean that getting home was easy. They had to find a way to get resources and, beyond that, he needed a ship.

At the end of the episode, FitzSimmons were able to arrange a meeting, with a little help, to get a ship that will allow them to get back to Earth. Afterward, they were met with a surprise: A farewell to Enoch. Is he leaving? It seems that way, as Enoch feels that his mission was done.

CarterMatt Verdict

This wasn’t as poignant an Agents of SHIELD episode as what we had last week, which felt like it existed for the sake of exploring two characters and the relationship that they had. Yet, this did move the story forward in an interesting way and gave us a chance to see that Sarge is a smart person … or whatever he is.

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