Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto players; alliance thoughts (day 9)

Cliff Hogg - veto playersWho are the Veto Players for the first (complete) week in the Big Brother 21 house? We’ve got that info for you within this live feeds spoilers piece, plus also more thoughts on the current state of the game.

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Last night, we told you that Head of Household Christie decided to nominate Cliff and Kathryn for eviction, with the target at the moment being Kemi. There are two clear schools of thought when it comes to going after Kemi, with the first one being that it’s a waste of power since almost everyone wants her out of the game and she’s not that huge of a threat. It makes a little more sense to get rid of someone who could be a threat down the road, like Kathryn, who seems to be bonding with Jackson. Conversely, you can argue that Kemi is an easy target that won’t get too much blood of Christie’s hands, though it feels like a blindside and that could cause all sorts of chaos later.

The original alliance of six from the premiere is still together, with the one twist being that it has now swelled into an eight with Analyse and Tommy each joining the fold. Tommy and Christie are planning to ride to the end together if they can and they are building decent bonds in the game. Christie said pre-game that she was going to be able to get really close to some of the guys, and she is doing that especially with Jack. They seem really close, while Analyse and Holly are worried about Jack down the road due to just how subtly manipulative and threatening he is as a player.

The Veto players are Christie, Cliff, Kathryn, Sam, Nicole, and Jack — a fairly favorable group for Cliff, since it seems like a lot of these people are willing to remove him from the block. Some of the guys especially think that Kathryn is a good backup eviction plan just in case Kemi pulls something; they don’t want to run the risk of Cliff going home this week. Would he actually go home? That’s hard to gauge since it doesn’t feel like David is gone.

Why is Ovi being targeted?

This is where things get dicey, as it feels like some women in the house are accusing him of either being annoying or touching them too much in an uncomfortable manner. Note that there no specific allegations being fired off, and it really seems more like it has to do with who he is more than what he’s doing. (Some of the women have noted they are okay with other guys touching them in a similar way.) This isn’t something we are giving some unilateral opinion on since everyone’s entitled to their own comfort level and Ovi needs to be mindful of personal space. Do we think he’d stop if someone asked? We have to imagine so, but this looks to be a part of why he is being targeted.

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