A Double Shot at Love finale preview: Vinny and Pauly debate over the end

Double Shot at LoveTomorrow night’s A Double Shot at Love finale will be giving you a sense as to what Vinny and Pauly D want for their future. There’s also a good chance that it’s going to be a total mess.

At the moment, there are four women who are left in the competition — two of them (Derynn and Nikki) are interested in Pauly, and two of them (Alysse and Elle) are interested in Vinny. It’s hard to read the guys’ preferences, mostly because there is a good chance they don’t even know themselves what they want. They have to figure this out, and they better figure it out quickly!

The video that CarterMatt has for you below is their deliberation, where both of the guys lay their cards out on the table and discuss what’s working/not working for them. With Vinny, you get the sense that he does really like what Elle brings to the table. However, he’s worried that she’s too similar to someone he’s dated before. With Alysse, he likes her energy but wonders if the Jersey Shore is really her speed. This is the tougher decision because Vinny seems like he is into both of them — and they aren’t so extreme from each other that one has an edge on the other. They each have more in common than with Maria, who Vinny sent packing at the end of last week’s episode.

Pauly’s choice is much more a tale of two extremes. With Derynn, you have someone who could prove to be fantastic for him — he just doesn’t know because the investment hasn’t been there. He invested so much in Nikki, on the other hand, but he may have invested too much. He may have injected such a great deal into that relationship that he can’t see on the other side of it. Also, Nikki is so intense — on another level from anyone else. It may be far too much for a guy like Pauly who hasn’t made opening up his forte ever on any of these shows.

The finale will offer up the decisions — then, there will be the aftermath of those decisions. Do you think that everyone will be happy with the final choice? If so, you’re almost sure to be disappointed in what happens. If either Pauly or Vinny ends up choosing no one at the end of the episode, what we imagine is that there will be immediate blowback. There will be people who are infuriated by what the two did and question whether or not they were there for the “right reasons” at all. (We know that this exists within the world of The Bachelor already, but you may as well throw the term over here as well.) With guys who are already on reality TV, and who will continue to be on reality TV, this show is a platform for them. They better be prepared for reactions based mostly on that.

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