A Double Shot at Love finale promo: Pauly D, VInny’s decision

Double Shot at LoveReady for the Double Shot at Love season finale? It’s coming on MTV on Thursday night, with the word being stressed here is “season.” Why’s that weird? Well, in theory, if Vinny and Pauly were actually smart with their choices here, maybe you wouldn’t have another season … though you could argue that they would do it with two other people down the road, as well.

The promo below does give you a good sense at some of what is coming in terms of the stress of the moment. There are only four women left, and at this point, it’s really hard to tell who the two Jersey Shore stars are going to choose — if anyone at all. When it comes to Vinny, his situation is tricky because one of his remaining two suitors in Elle only just recently decided to date him exclusively. He may not have had the time in order to get to know him solely as someone he’s seeking as opposed to someone he has to fight for opposite Pauly. Meanwhile, Pauly has someone in Nikki who we’re surprised he still has, given that it hasn’t seemed for a while like he’s super-into her due to just how intense she’s shown herself to be. She’s a little bit the opposite of Pauly more so than someone who we’d imagine him wanting to date.

There are some other contenders still in the competition, as well, and don’t get us wrong — we’d love to see one of the guys actually end up with someone in the end. It’s just hard to be overly optimistic given that these reality dating shows are ones that rarely ever come up with a long-term relationship. Ones like The Bachelor/The Bachelorette are a little more successful (only barely), but that’s more due to the fact that those people aren’t really famous outside of the franchise. There’s more of a fame-based incentive to choose someone and be invested in “the process.” Here, the spin is a little bit different. If Vinny or Pauly isn’t successful, you can always try to run things back for another season — that’s not a luxury given to people on a show like The Bachelor most of the time.

MTV mentions in the promo that we are in store for a “shocking” ending — let’s go ahead and hope that it does actually live up to some of that billing. What’s also interested is that there is another season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation starting up soon, so there’s going to be a lot of these guys coming up on TV the next few weeks regardless of how this season comes to a close.

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