A Double Shot at Love finale: Pauly D, Vinny make their choices

Double Shot at LoveAs we go into the finale of A Double Shot at Love airing on MTV next week, there are obviously many questions worth wondering — with the biggest one being whether or not Vinny and Pauly leave this show happy. Is it possible that we can actually see these two guys with serious romantic relationships moving forward? It’s such a crazy thing to think about given their Jersey Shore history, but it does seem like something that they want and something that they could try to make happen.

Moving into the finale, there are only four women left — so why not go ahead and look at what they all bring to the table?

Nikki – By far, we think that she is the one most there for the sole goal of romance — and she’s completely into the idea of being with Pauly. He’s already admitted that she is totally his type, but what he’s struggling with at the moment is the idea of her being too intense and some of the problems that could come as a result of that down the road.

Derynn – As for Pauly’s other contender, there is something so grounded and normal about her — she asked Pauly good questions about how serious he was in this episode and she totally aced the lie-detector test. We don’t think that she was a top contender in the early going, but it’s been slow and steady for her for most of the season. Now, she may actually be a favorite.

Elle – At the start of tonight’s episode, she was noncommittal as to who she wanted to be with — yet, she chose Vinny, and he actually ended up choosing her over a longtime contender in Maria. The major cause for concern we’ve got now is based on how Vinny’s mother was treating her in the preview for what’s coming up next — she didn’t seem to be a fan.

Alysse – Finally, let’s focus on the woman who may be Vinny’s favorite at the moment. It just feels like the two have such a natural physical chemistry at the moment, and we think that this is something that is almost always immediately appealing to someone. Plus, their date involving the dogs was all sorts of adorable and seemed to allow the two to build off of what was an already great connection.

We suppose that who wins this show doesn’t actually matter all that much; instead, the larger point of curiosity is whether or not whoever wins actually ends up with either Vinny or Pauly down the line. There’s no guarantee that any of these will turn out to be a relationship that really lasts.

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What do you want to see on the A Double Shot at Love finale, and who do you want to see end up winning Pauly or Vinny’s heart — if anyone? Be sure to share now in the comments. (Photo: MTV.)

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