A Double Shot at Love episode 12 review: Who made the final four?

Double Shot at LoveTonight on A Double Shot at Love episode 12, we had arguably some of the biggest movement forward of the season. After all, we’re so close to the finale at this point and there are some serious decisions that actually have to be made.

The first big one tonight actually didn’t come from either Pauly D or Vinny; instead, it came courtesy of one of the women in Elle. She made a choice to pursue Vinny rather than Pauly, as she felt a little bit stronger about the connection that the two of them had. She also felt like Pauly was being more distant with her — a sign that, at least as of right now, that his heart is with his other women.

Here’s the thing, though — is it possible that Nikki actually ends up winning the whole thing? It’s a crazy thing for Pauly, given that she is totally the opposite of him. In a lot of ways, her emotional vulnerability made her such an interesting contender at first — but now she is TOO intense for her own good. She already thinks that she’s closer to Pauly than anyone in her life and they’ve only been together a short period of time! The thing is that Nikki is Pauly’s type, and that’s enough to keep her on the show for the time being.

The bottom two

The two women who were in danger at the end of the episode were Maria and then also Elle — so really, this came down to whoever Vinny wanted to keep in the competition a little bit longer. He’s known that Maria is there for him for a considerably longer period of time than he has with Elle and we’re sure that, on some level, this is something that he’s thinking about. Conversely, Maria’s struggling with the concept of opening up and being serious. She’s had a lot of great moments with Vinny but the two of them can’t get past the laughing and the awkwardness. At a certain point, you obviously do want to see something a little bit more serious — as in, a relationship that can work outside of the house.

Vinny ended up sending Maria home and, before she said goodbye, she said that she understood their decision. Do we think that she really loved Vinny? It’s still hard to know — even coming out of the episode, we still couldn’t quite read how she felt (other than “genuine feelings”). She was said to leave her other fellow women, but her own insecurity got in the way.

CarterMatt Verdict

We’ll be honest, which makes sense given that there was a big story about a lie-detector test in tonight’s episode: We didn’t expect A Double Shot of Love to be anywhere near as good of a show as it is. What’s been the most appealing about it to us is that we’re just so invested in Pauly and Vinny after watching them for so many years. No exaggeration, but we’re genuinely rooting for the two of them to find happiness.

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