Big Brother 21 sneak peek: The houseguests introduce themselves!

Big Brother 21We’ve all been waiting for it to come, but tonight it’s finally here! The premiere of Big Brother 21 will be arriving on CBS and we imagine that there’s going to be all sorts of chaos, humor, and strategy this summer.

But first (to quote a certain host), the houseguests all need to introduce themselves to one another! That’s the focus of the sneak peek below, as you can see everyone doing their best to try and make a good impression. This is one of the reasons we really wish that there were live feeds — we don’t actually get to see every single introduction of the group. Jessica tells everyone that she’ll help them to learn how to roll their R’s, Jackson immediately takes a liking to Analyse (who apparently, likes to be called “Sis”), and Kemi struggles to get everyone to immediately understand her sense of humor. If Kemi has a hard time with that for longer than the first couple of weeks, there could be some trouble coming for her for the rest of the season.

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Then, there’s of course the obligatory let’s compare Jack to Jason Momoa segment. This is something that he must have heard about a hundred times before going into this season of the show and it makes sense — he does legitimately look like him! (Watching Kathryn call him Jason Mimosa in the Diary Room has to be one of the best unintentionally-funny premiere moments we’ve seen on this show in a while.) Of everyone that’s there introducing themselves, Isabella seems to be the one most locked-in on the fact that there is a game being played still and because of that, she has a job to do — try to make sure that she gets a leg up on players in the early going. Makes sense, no? The earlier you can do that, the better you could be in the game … if you do it right. You gotta read the room! If nobody wants to talk game and you’re like GAME GAME GAME, you’re giving people a reason to send you home early.

Remember a classic CarterMatt rule of Big Brother — don’t give people a reason to want to evict you in the first couple of weeks. Nobody wants to be the first person kicked out of the game and if they see an opportunity to throw someone else under the bus, they’re going to do it! You gotta be aware of that if you want to stay alive.

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What do you want to see on Big Brother 21 throughout the weeks ahead? Be sure to share now in the comments, and be sure to check back soon for some other insight. (Photo: CBS.)


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