Yellowstone season 2 video: Kevin Costner sets up stories ahead

Last week, Yellowstone season 2 first came on the air and it brought a lot to the tableJohn Dutton’s life is in jeopardy, Beth’s still trying to keep the ranch from going south, and there is conflict aplenty among the various members of the ranch. There’s a lot of hardship still to come and it’s all a reminder — just because you’re successful doesn’t mean you’re happy. Sometimes, there’s a tendency for things to fall apart in ways that you don’t expect.

What we love about the new video below (featuring star Kevin Costner) is watching him making one thing very clear: John Dutton would probably be just as happy being a regular cattle rancher than who he is now. There’s something just freeing about being out in the open west with few possessions and a simple gig. Unfortunately for him, that’s not his life now and it’s not going to be his life in the remainder of season 2. In so many ways, the establishment of Yellowstone and many of the other ranches is one based on greed — it came about on the basis of seizing this land from someone else for certain people to transform it into something of their own. Anyone who thinks that land is now settled is only kidding themselves. Land is such a powerful currency; it’s something that is tangible. Even if traditional currency fails, land is still something people want.

With all of this spelled out, expect land to be a sticking point through the remainder of season 2. Be prepared to watch people fight tooth and nail for what they believe is theirs, and also what they want other people to believe is theirs. They want to make it clear that this is land that cannot be taken so you’re better off not even trying. How all of this plays out throughout the remainder of the season is going to be fascinating, especially when it comes to how far people are willing to go. If someone gets a leg up on the ranch, will bodies fall as a result of it? Last week, we saw one of the crazier bar fights we’ve seen on television … but that may only be scratching the surface for whatever is next.

What CarterMatt is confident about is that Yellowstone season 2 will find a way to elevate itself once more. We’re past the getting-to-know-you stage with Beth, John, and a number of other characters. Now, we can start to see more of what makes them happy, and also what makes them crumble. This season could throw some of these characters’ hopes and dreams right into the open sky, never to be seen or heard from again.

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